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New Age devotees of Goddess who return from Machu Picchu, consider it a yin mountain, claiming to feel “the energy of the feminine” pervading the land. They talk of doing ritual in Pacha Mama’s subterranean temples or caves, such as the one facing Mount Putucusi. Machu Picchu and its connection to Goddess might at first seem a bit intangible. More often, along with the Sacred Valley, this city crowning a sharp mountain peak is in a class of its own, a site steeped in Earth mysteries relating to geomancy, theosophy, astronomy, archaeology, and altered states of consciousness. Yet, here visitors are beginning to say they feel a feminine deity’s presence as a tangible force, especially in cavernous places considered the womb of the Mother.

According to author Paul Devereaux, Machu Picchu is on a geological fault and such places have been associated with extreme magnetic anomalies which can be felt by those who are particularly psychic or sensitive to such subtle sensations. Granite, a radioactive rock found to emit enhanced gamma radiation has been known to enhance trance capabilities and sometimes induce astral projection if one is in contact with or within such an enclosed structure. An example of such a stone at Machu Picchu is called the Pacha Mama stone.

Machu Picchu with Mohanji team warmly welcomes you to this wonderful & picturesque Inca Land, a place that truly resonates with the quote “Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by those that take your breath away”.


We need both Shiva (Divine Masculine) and Shakti (Divine Feminine). The Shiva aspect in our system is the soul which is silent and dormant. But at the same time, without the soul, there is no experience, no existence. The Shakti aspect is essential to effectively experience karma – to be actualized while we are in this incarnation, to be present fully in every moment – fully concentrating, fully experiencing, etc.

So, Shiva and Shakti combining together make our existence complete. Without the aspect of Shakti, Shiva is absolute bliss state. With the advent of Shakti, the power which is created out of Shiva, you are expressing yourself in totality with the full awareness of who you are, where you have come from. You are constantly aware of the source, but at the same time, you are totally being the manifestation. At this point in time, I am Mohanji, nothing beyond and establishing and penetrating into this being called Mohanji. Finally when I penetrate deeper and deeper, I find only Shiva, there is no Mohanji in it. I am focusing on the incarnation to the extent that I have nothing else visible. All are expressions of me. That manifestation is Shakti – Machu Picchu. Everything is your representation. Everything is created out of you. So staying in the state of beingness, you are witnessing the whole doingness in action. They are all you.

Mata (Mother) is absolute truth. Maya is relative truth. So when you go to the Divine Mother, you are actually committing yourself to absolute truth. Absolute truth is that you are incarnated. You have a duration. Your reason for incarnation is experience or expression. Like that, there are some truths, which cannot be changed. So your commitment to that truth makes you absolute, so that there is no baggage to carry. Be in the moment, be in the present, be with Mother.

We have a life to continue right until our death. This life should be fully perfected by keeping our mind fully constant at every moment in time. Then, each second will become complete. When each second becomes complete, there is no repetition. Otherwise, you are having food, your mind is not there, you do not know if you have eaten enough, you keep on eating. Like that if at every point in time, if your mind is not constant, it will affect adversely. So Shakti supports mind.

Various places of power exist in the world. Each opens up a different dimension in you. Machu Picchu opens us up to the dimension of being in the present, being involved in the activity with complete acceptance sans resistance.

Machu Picchu is the manifestation of the motherhood, the womb effect. We have incarnated on earth for the sake of experiencing life – a set of karma that we chose to experience through this body in a particular order within this time. You accept, experience and endorse karma that provoked your birth with a deep conviction and commitment. So the visit to Machu Picchu is to stabilize your energies and to ground your energies to the level of this incarnation. So that means you are being one with Shakti. So Shakti and Shiva put together, you will be a balanced personality. This is the reason why we are taking the trip.

Going to Machu Picchu is like re-entering the womb of the mother – gaining the protection, the power, the strength to do things, to understand and accept yourself – which brings you spiritual stability and grounding. Machu Picchu is super saturated Shakti (Divine feminine energy). That is why Incas constructed a lot but did not stay there for more than 100 years. You cannot stay in that kind of power for long. It is an amazingly powerful spiritual hotspot where you come, freshen yourself up, overhaul yourself with that energy, and then go back. Machu Picchu represents Shakti which has three distinct aspects – Iccha shakti (power of will), Gyaan shakti (power of knowledge) and Kriya shakti (power of action). If there is imbalance in these three shaktis, your life is incomplete. By going to Machu Picchu, you are balancing your Shakti aspect. The current times that we are going through, where everything is chaotic, is shaking people up. Hence, this time is very good for a pilgrimage like Machu Picchu since it is totally opposite of de-stabilization.


Q: What does Machu Picchu mean for a Pilgrim? Why should one do Machu Picchu?
M:Machu Picchu is the manifestation of Motherhood. It’s like returning to your Mother’s Womb. Machu Picchu is SHAKTI (feminine energy). There are three types of Shakti. Namely, Iccha Shakti (power of will), Gyana Shakti (power of knowledge), Kriya Shakti (power of action). These three energies in perfect balance, fuels the entire universal existence. The same energy forces are within our physical bodies too. Any imbalance in these energies will make the existence (a.k.a. human birth) incomplete and calls for more incarnation until a perfect harmony is achieved.

A visit to Machu Picchu will bring in a BALANCE of three powerful Shakti energies thereby making your existence COMPLETE. A visit to Machu Picchu will also Ground & Stabilise your energies which in-turn empowers you to go through Karma without any resistance.

Q: How will you compare a pilgrimage to Machu Picchu with that of Kailash?
M:Both are very powerful and unique in it’s own traits.

While Kailash represents Shiva or the male energy, Machu Picchu represents Shakti or the female energy. A trip to Kailash shows your resolve or commitment to a complete DISSOLUTION while a trip to Machu Picchu brings in a BALANCE and empowers you to complete Karma without Resistance.

Kailash represents “Beingness” (i.e.) a state of no thought, no word and no action, while Machu Picchu represents “Doing-ness” (i.e.) a state of full awareness while experiencing life, which is the soul purpose of every Incarnation.

Machu Picchu is all about expressing your SELF – With advent of Shakti, the power which is created out of SHIVA, you express yourself in totality with full awareness of WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

While a visit to Kailash shakes you up completely, removes all your masks and makes you completely NAKED, a visit to Machu Picchu enhances your existence, it stabilizes you, empowers you and amplifies whatever you do in the full DOING state with full awareness.

Q: What is the message for pilgrims aspiring to visit or visiting Machu Picchu?
M:Connect to your SELF. Before even embarking on this Pilgrimage, start connecting to your SELF more and more. Chanting AUM HREEM NAMAH SHIVAYA will help. In this chant, the word “HREEM” represents Shakti. Hence, this chant will enhance your connection with the Mother aspect.

Q: How does a visit to Machu Picchu enhances spiritual evolution?
M:Machu Picchu GROUNDS you
Machu Picchu STABILISES you
Machu Picchu brings in a PERFECT BALANCE of Iccha(will), Gyana(knowledge) and Kriya(action) Shakti within you
Machu Picchu EMPOWERS you to DO things in life (experiences) with FULL AWARENESS.
Machu Picchu ENHANCES you to clear up Karma without resistance

Above all, Machu Picchu takes you back to MOTHER. Mother is “Absolute Truth” while Maya is relative truth. When you go to Mother, you are actually committing yourself to absolute truth. The absolute truth is that you are incarnated. Your duration, your reason for life is to experience or express. This absolute truth cannot be changed. So, your commitment to that absolute truth makes YOU absolute. This will ensure there are no karmic baggages to carry.

Q: How will Machu Picchu benefit people who have already visited Kailash?
M: Machu Picchu represents absolute truth (Mata as opposed to relative truth Maya). Kailash represents supreme consciousness without boundaries, without form, which is your original state. So, from the original state, Mother appeared. Mother happened to give life to creations. We are going as a commitment to the creation which is us. We are committing to our incarnation, so we have an absolute incarnation, and we leave without baggage. When you are balancing yourself with the Mother, you are focused on this incarnation. In this incarnation at every point in time, there is activity – something to do. While you are doing it, you are fully here. So there is no residue hanging over. So you are not creating more baggage. So, when you exit, you are exiting free. No baggage to carry. Be in the moment, be in the present, be with Mother.

When you go to Kailash, the Shiva aspect is enhanced. Shiva shakes you up, removes all your masks, and kind of makes you completely naked. Then when you go to Machu Picchu, you experience the womb of the Mother. Your Shakti aspect will be enhanced. Machu Picchu enhances you, stabilizes you, empowers you, and grounds you – hence whatever you do will have more effect. So these two trips open up different and complementary dimensions in you. Those who have gone to Kailash and are going to Machu Picchu, will experience Shakti and Shiva come together. This combination of Kailash and Machu Picchu will balance you and help you become a balanced personality.


A visit to Machu Picchu is to be considered as a very sacred pilgrimage. People who have gone to past yatras with Shri Brahmarishi Mohanji can attest to the spiritual transformation that it has brought about in their lives. It is important that people with the right attitude and bhaav (devotion) join the trip so that the group energy is conducive to everyone’s spiritual upliftment. In particular, it is our endeavour to create a encouraging spiritual space in the spirit of sangha (spiritual family) where the participants support each other in their transformations to derive the maximum benefit from this pilgrimage.

In keeping with that objective, the registration process for Machu Picchu with Mohanji 2018 will be as under:

  • We request the applicant to fill up & submit the application form online
  • The Peru team will go through the application and evaluate it for selection. In case of queries or doubts, they may request the applicant for additional information to supplement the application
  • Based on the answers given in the application, the Peru team will decide on the suitability of the applicant to join the group and inform the applicant accordingly.

Once the applicant has been approved, the registration process can proceed towards payment and registration completion.