Machu Picchu with Mohanji pilgrimage

Machu Picchu is a saturated Shakti power centre. A trip here means a shift to being in the NOW with full awareness, empowering you to go through your incarnation completely.”~ Shri. Brahmarishi Mohanji

Located 120 km northwest of Cusco, the Inca city of Machu Picchu lay hidden from the world in dense jungle covered mountains until 1911. This ‘Lost City’ is one of the world’s archaeological jewels and was declared a Peruvian Historical Sanctuary in 1981, followed by a recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. In 2007, Machu Picchu was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Machu Picchu is one of the places linked to the energy centers of the world. The Incas built Machu Picchu in a particular place, high in the Andes. The place itself channels the energy and allows people to experience something that just does not belong to our world. Devotees of the Divine Mother feel the energy of the Divine Feminine permeate through these sacred lands.

Team Mohanji lovingly welcomes you to the blessed “Machu Picchu with Mohanji” pilgrimage to be held from Mar 31st to 6th April 2018. A spiritual pilgrimage connecting super saturated Shakti (Divine feminine) energy centers where Inca and Aymara cultures merge with the Divine in the presence of Brahmarishi Mohanji. An amazing journey to re-enter the womb of the Mother and experience a divine rebirth of your spiritual self.


Machu Picchu – one of those rare sacred spiritual powerhouses that combines exquisite natural beauty, intricate and complex human architectural prowess along with an imposing physical presence that is largely untouched by human progress. It remains as spectacular now as it was during the heights of the Inca Empire.

So why do pilgrims from around the world flock to this isolated site? More than the physical beauty, there is ample evidence that from its very beginning, Machu Picchu had great spiritual significance. Its location was likely chosen in part because of its proximity to mountains and a river considered sacred by the Incas. Its plazas include multiple shrines, temples and carved stones, some of which are oriented to astronomical events such as the winter and summer solstices and spring and fall equinoxes.

The combination of the saturated Shakti energy of Machu Picchu and Mohanji’s loving presence makes this pilgrimage all about intense spiritual transformation with a focus on stability and grounding.

  • A rare opportunity to experience the grandeur of Machu Picchu from a spiritual perspective, thanks to Mohanji’s guidance and presence
  • Being a powerful energy vortex, Machu Picchu opens and resonates with ALL of the Chakras.
  • Deep cleansing through sacred ceremonies including Pachamama (ceremony to Mother Earth) and offering your deepest gratitude to the Divine
  • Activate the loving Mother energies in you, so that you cope with all situations with equanimity and compassion, esp. in the current times of emotional volatility and violence
  • A distinct increase in awareness, accentuating your ability to be in the present moment

In short, the emotional and spiritual cleansing from this pilgrimage will alter your approach to life, depending on your receptivity.

Through discourses and Q&A sessions during the trip, Mohanji delivers knowledge and guidance with directness and simplicity, perfectly tuned to each individual’s requirements.

Throughout the pilgrimage, Mohanji works on diluting and burning accumulated karmic baggage, and elevating and raising our frequency. The wisdom and clarity, which can only come from the consciousness of a true Master, go a long way towards helping us maintain a peaceful, stable and happy internal space long after the pilgrimage is over.

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A visit to Machu Picchu is to be considered as a very sacred pilgrimage. People who have gone to past yatras with Shri Brahmarishi Mohanji can attest to the spiritual transformation that it has brought about in their lives. It is important that people with the right attitude and bhaav (devotion) join the trip so that the group energy is conducive to everyone’s spiritual upliftment. In particular, it is our endeavour to create a encouraging spiritual space in the spirit of sangha (spiritual family) where the participants support each other in their transformations to derive the maximum benefit from this pilgrimage.

In keeping with that objective, the registration process for Machu Picchu with Mohanji 2018 will be as under:

  • We request the applicant to fill up & submit the application form online
  • We will go through the application and evaluate it for selection. In case of queries or doubts, they may request the applicant for additional information to supplement the application
  • Based on the answers given in the application, we will decide on the suitability of the applicant to join the group and inform the applicant accordingly.

Once the applicant has been approved, the registration process can proceed towards payment and registration completion.


Please contact for further details. Due to high global demand, we have a limited spaces for the Machu Picchu with Mohanji 2018 pilgrimage. Places will be allocated strictly on a first come first served basis.

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