Mohanji Wellness Township

On the most auspicious occasion of Lord Dattatreya Jayanti, we are pleased to announce a Spiritual Community project by a renowned Developer in Bangalore, India.

They have aligned with Mohanji’s teachings in the formation of this spiritual community. Mohanji has indeed blessed and approved the collaborative theme of His teachings for this noble purpose.

Mohanji will have his Divine abode in the community too, and guide the upliftment of its residents from time to time.

Individuals can own houses in this community which is 100km from Puttaparthi, 50km from city center and 25km from the airport. Since it is in a direction away from Bangalore city, the drive to the international airport is less than 30 minutes.

We are happy and privileged to announce their website on this auspicious day of Lord Dattatreya’s birthday.

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