Retreats and Pilgrimages


The keynotes of the retreat with Mohanji are detoxification, cleansing and purification. Puri- fication happens on all levels – physical, emo- tional, intellectual and spiritual – on the vari- ous aspects and dimensions through the Panch Tattwa. The Panch Tattwa are the 5 basic prin- ciples or elements which constitute a human body. They are the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether.

The earth element is purified through a diet of light, pure, sattvic, vegetarian food which stabilises and energises the body without the accumulation of toxins. This sort of diet also gently shifts the constitution into a subtler, clearer mode. The water element is cleansed the consciousness of a true master go a long way towards helping us maintain a peaceful, stable and happy internal space, regardless of which circumstances and environment we might find ourselves in. You will have an opportunity to have some private time with Mohanji to field your most personal questions and address specific issues in your life.

Pilgrimage and visits to places of sanctity and power have a lot of value as well. We imbibe the energy of those places and they affect transformation in us as well. Many more of our own subtler dimensions are revealed to us through the experience of visiting such places. Visiting a holy place in the presence of a master is even more valuable and effective sine it ensures the flow of grace which goes even further toward cleansing the subtle bodies and activating the various energy cen- tres in the body (fire element). These places are also physical representations of the Panch Tattwa.

For cleansing and shedding of mental and emotional baggage and blockages and bring- ing the usually wandering mind to the body and to the present moment, we use various meditations and techniques – Power of Purity and 360 Degree meditations and Conscious Walking, Great purification, peace and stabili- ty comes from these meditations and we through a daily routine of water therapy in the early morning, which greatly helps to release and eliminate toxins stored in the body. This is followed by session of yogic exercises which benefits and aids the process by oxygenating the body and boosting circulation. The air element is cleansed and activated through an extremely effective breathing exercise which cleanses the body on a cellular level, releasing toxins which have been accumulated through indiscriminate consumption and lie deep rooted in the cells, in some cases, for years. It is very deep and powerful cleansing.

For the ether element, mental and intellectual cleansing, there are discourses and Q&A sessions with Mohanji. His presence alone has a very intense purifying effect. Be as open and empty as possible, so as to allow his energy and consciousness to flow into you. Satsang is a beautiful medium for this transfer and con- nection. He also delivers knowledge and guid- ance with directness and simplicity. The wisdom and clarity which can only come from become more open and receptive to the Mo- hanji’s divine energy.
Fire is the only element which purifies all the other elements and yet cannot be contaminat- ed itself. Fire always moves upward and never moves downwards. It always elevates. It rep- resents the fire of awareness and is very close- ly connected to the Nath Tradition (the Golden Tradition of Liberation). On the last day of the retreat, there will be a fire ceremo- ny, known as a homa, wherein we offer all our negativities and all aspects of ourselves which hinder elevation and evolution to the fire. There they are burned and removed from our system with Grace of the Master.

All throughout the retreat, Mohanji works on diluting and burning accumulated karmic baggage and elevating and raising our frequency and the constitutional changes are extremely potent and intense, this is why we recommend a minimum of 7 days, so that the whole experience and routine can be enjoyed at ease and without difficulty. Spending so much close and uninterrupted time with a true master of Mohanji’s stature is a rare and beautiful opportunity and the effects of his presence will be felt in day to day life long after the retreat is over.


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