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Over the years Mohanji has written on various topics and shared many experiences. Most of His writings have been published on His personal blog


Watch the routine of The Sun and you will understand what is ‘Dharma’. The Sun does Supreme Service. Sun nourishes the entire solar system, aids life, sustains life, recycles life and also reproduces life. The Sun does all of this very objectively;

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Mohanji’s essays, correspondences and transcribed Questions & Answers during spiritual gatherings. are shared in the Question and Answer Blogs.

Peace Pledge Project

Mohanji’s Speech at Peace Pledge Project

It is my honour and great pleasure to get together with and listen to such great masters who have assembled here. So, what more can I add now? It is a dream come true, but it’s a powerful unification or a statement that we are giving to the world. To accent that, Brigitte, I wouldn’t call this a bridge, I would call it a platform.

On a bridge, you keep moving, platform is where we stay. That’s why I was deeply impressed when Swamiji was explaining, because Swamiji predicted this before the whole thing happened.

In 2012 when I visited Kailash, I stayed in his ashram in Diraphuk. I had never met him earlier…
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Being with Mohanji physically or staying connecting to the guru principle in consciousness, each gives us unique spiritual experiences. Owning our experiences, acknowledging them and detaching from them aids our spiritual journey. Over the years many such experiences of people have been published in this blog.

I Rely on FAITH more than on my EYES

I Rely on FAITH more than on my EYES

The aim is to show how we must accept every moment and cherish it no matter how small or ordinary it may look, and also not to neglect the moments which could be counted as exclusive or blessed. Emphasise the attitude of gratitude, dilute expectations and keep moving.
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Some of Mohanji’s writings uptill 2014 have been collated and published as a book – The Power of Purity: Path to Liberation. It comprises all you ever wanted to know about spiritual paths, progress and liberation.