Shreelatha Nair from Vancouver, Canada

For the first time today 10 years after my spine surgery, I jogged all the way down to the beach for 20min and came walking up without stopping or taking any support! I could never walk like this before the Conscious Walk!

Yohan from London, UK

At the last CW, I experience a ball of golden light 2m in circumference all around me. The energy from mother earth was deeply purify and invigorating. When opening my eyes after Gapless breathing, everything from the grass, trees and plants   was glowing with golden light.

Kishore from South Africa

I had injured my back and was on crutches for a month. After doing Conscious Walking with Mohanji for a week at the South African retreat, I began to walk without crutches and could even walk for long distances. CW has changed my life.

Shivani from London, UK

Practicing Conscious Walking has greatly facilitated the development of mindfulness in ordinary daily life. Meditation has begun to permeate my entire life. Sai Ram

Sanam from South Africa

Since practising CW, apart from a delightful sense of peace and joy within, I’ve experienced an increased level of focus and concentration with regard to my studies.