21st August 2018 – Quote of the Day

There is no guru. There is no disciple. All are role plays. There is only consciousness. Consciousness through each incarnation plays various roles. It repeats itself time and again. The most consistent role is recognized as the key attribute of the incarnation by the society. But every incarnation plays numerous minor roles as well. We all are complete incarnations expressing diversity within the boundaries of a seeming unit. Recognizing the role play and not the player is the cause of illusion, confusion, alienation and constant disagreements. When we become totally aware of that, we realize we are the actor and not any of the numerous roles that we played at various stages and we actually have nothing to do with the roles. Every role has only entertainment value. And their value is also temporary. Time changes values and tastes. Time changes actors but not usually roles. New actors play similar roles and people witness them with fresh eyes. Time hides actors. Time evolves roles. Time transforms awareness. Challenges remain the same. When the actor forgets that he is not the role he plays, illusion stays longer and separation becomes harder. Hence, apart from the role play, there is no guru or no disciple. Temporary existence, temporary value as entertainment, a magnificent play of illusion that effectively masks the truth.

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