25th August 2018 – Quote of the Day

There is someone different in every family. That unique individual who is born to be authentic. The one who believes in himself, trusts his own thoughts, dreams and is not bound by induced concepts of society and is not afraid to be different. This is that someone in every family who is not afraid to walk alone. The one who is unafraid of future. Someone who is authentic and enjoys his originality and exercises it to its hilt without imposing anything on anyone. He becomes a trendsetter. He may not be understood by his contemporaries. He might also be judged or criticised or even condemned by his generation. But, posterity will build philosophies on his authenticity. His generation will be known in his name. Their authenticity stretches and redefines the boundaries of human experiences. Society cannot own them. They own the time with their authenticity. In the urge to maintain mediocrity, the society usually nips the authentic ones when they sprout. This is why we don’t see many of them in the society. There are and there have been. Move aside the veil of mediocrity, you will see the sparkling brilliance in many around you. The authentic brilliance! The true form of an incarnation! AUTHENTICITY.

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