360 degree meditation from Mohanji

“When we shift our consciousness to the spine and to 360 degrees; the impact, the wear and tear of the events that we are exposed to in daily life, will be very less. Nothing will touch us deeply. Nothing will affect us. Nothing will overwhelm us. You will maintain perfect equanimity and deep gratitude. Nothing happens by accident. Everything has a perfect reason. We often cannot understand the reason from our level of consciousness. That’s all. Our inability should not be interpreted as cosmic deficiency. Cosmic perfection is infinite and incomparable.
When we attain liberation, we shift from our limited senses to unlimited awareness.
It is like a martial artist who says that his whole body serves as his eyes. This means we should be aware of everything around us. This is concentration and awareness. Usually all of us are ‘front-oriented’, operating in 120 degrees. We do not see the remaining 240 degrees behind us. These remaining 240 degrees definitely exist, but we do not notice that. This is due to the limitation of our senses. When our sense barrier is broken and our awareness level spreads around us, we become centered in our spine. We become completely balanced. And we will operate from our higher awareness plane. The result? No anxiety, no fear, no guilt, witness consciousness, unconditional love, compassion, total equanimity.
Being ‘spine-oriented’ is a big shift. This is why 360 degrees awareness is important. We automatically reach that level when the Shakti energy meets Shiva at our Sahasrara, the top of our head. Practicing to be on that level will help you to shift to that level easily and at will. Training yourself to have 360 degrees awareness will help your spiritual evolution. You will become barrier-less.”
Who can practise this meditation?
You can do this meditation without doing the Power of Purity meditation. Please listen to your inner voice. Guru has always been guiding all of us.