5th April 2018 – Quote of the Day

If we could consider that life is passing through us instead of “we are the life”, a fundamental shift in awareness will happen. Life has begun well before our existence and will continue well after us. Life is movement. The concepts of creation that we believe based on our individual yet relative existence and its associated identifications are the illusions that alienate us from the truth that life is unstoppable and continuous. Our addiction to our identities causes limitations. Law of karma is the flow of life through time. So, when we understand that life is passing through us, our levels of acceptance will surpass our eye for differences. Life creates differences spontaneously. That variety is what we call life. Everything transforms and everything evolves in its appointed degrees shifting frequencies when they do it, beyond regular or logical comprehension that mind or intellect has a capacity for. This also means the emotions of human relationships have only temporary experiential value and grossly insignificant in the grand plan of the flow of life. Only what mind holds, mind recreates. Nothing lasts forever.

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