A Day in the Presence of Mohanji in Pune, India | December 2015

A Day in the Presence of Mohanji is a program designed for busy modern people. It is mainly focused on relaxations and rejuvenation. With increased clarity we let go from our daily challenges and connect to ourselves.

Yoga, Mediation, Shaktipat and Knowledge Talks with Mohanji create calmness, increase peace, give better self-control and preservation of energy. During the day, Mohanji guides us to refocus, realign and rejuvenate. Even though the key aim is rejuvenation a day with Mohanji creates companionship, oneness, family and togetherness. This is a unique way to enjoy and bask in the high frequency energy of Mohanji and share the same world.

Program Details:
Date: 19th December 2015
Timing: 9am till 5pm
Address: Ambriosa Resort and spa, 38/2 Bhawdhan Khurd, Pune 411021
Meals: Veg Lunch

About Mohanji:
Mohanji is an everyday man with whom different people connect differently. Some say that he is a mystic whose presence turns you inwards while others are completely at home and feel natural around him. The essence of Mohanji cannot truly be put into a frame. He is what you make of him. At the essence, Mohanji is a mirror. Like any mirror, he is empty and reflects back the aspirations, perceptions and concepts of the person so they perceive themselves as they are in a non-judgemental way. Mohanji ‘s nature radiates that of a loving father, a best friend, a devoted family man, a lucid philosopher and an unconditionally loving guide.

Mohanji is also the founder of Mohanji Foundation, which has been spreading his core teaching of liberation from all binding and habits of life for the past seven years. The objective of the foundation is to guide all beings to a violent-free, peaceful and compassionate existence, contributing to the society and to mother earth. Under Mohanji’s guidance and vision, the Foundation grew into a global platform with communities around the world. He is a philanthropist, who has founded global charities, Ammucare Charitable Trust and ACT Foundation. Read more: www.mohanji.org

This is a paid event. Those who are interested may please contact on these numbers: 9158524374, 9158815147
Please contact india@mohanji.org for further details

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