A Traditional yoga class showed that naturalness is the easiest way to happiness. Celebrating International Day of Yoga

A Traditional yoga class showed that naturalness is the easiest way to happiness. Celebrating International Day of Yoga

Mohanji attended a free class of traditional yoga for youth empowerment, in the school for primary and secondary education  Anton Skala in Stara Pazova, Serbia, attended by children with developmental and learning difficulties,  organized by Mohanji Association, in cooperation with the Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga, on the occasion of the International Yoga Day – June 21. The celebration of the happiest day for yoga was attended
also by Madhusudan Rajagopalan, director of the HSTY.

“Through our platforms, people can express their kindness and compassion with selfless actions which add value to the society. The areas of charity work include providing food, shelter for all living beings, but also health care, clothing, and education,” said Mohanji.

The yoga class was led by a licensed HSTY instructor Stasa Misic. After introducing the children to yoga and its benefits, the class was filled with light yoga positions (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and children had the opportunity to feel yoga in a traditional way through play, movement and fun, regardless of their previous experiences
with exercise and their knowledge of yoga.

“The Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga is present all over the world with the goal of sharing traditional values ​​and unchanged ancient teachings. Today, yoga has become exclusively a physical exercise, and in fact, its holistic approach serves the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit,” pointed Madhusudan Rajagopalan.

In essence, traditional yoga comes down to simplicity and naturalness. A yogi is natural because he lives in a state in which body, mind and soul are united. This leads to harmony, health and peace, a state in which a person is happy and without anxiety, anger or stress, which could be seen on the faces of children who participated in this special yoga class.

Tanja Todorović, the principal of the school, thanked the guests for their visit perfectly fitting into the nurturing and holistic approach of the school, where love is expressed through spirituality.

After the yoga class, the children enjoyed a vegan meal prepared at a local farm, supporting peace and health of the body, soul and spirit. As a special gesture, the children were gifted yoga mats donated to the school by a follower of Mohanji’s teachings.

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