A: Connect with yourself more. Explore until you witness the whole universe within you. Once you are one with the universe, there will be nothing outside of you. Nothing to surrender. Then you are in total surrender. Awareness starts with you and ends with you. Be your natural self. That’s awareness.

A: Witnesshood is being observant of oneself at all times while one involves in all given activities of the day. Witnesshood is detachment while in action. Witnesshood is mind moving with time and body without getting attached to emotions of the past

A: To detach from emotions, observe and witness them. Have nothing to do with it.

A: The way to get out of the guilt is to convert it into love for the world. Help the helpless. You will become light.

A: The simple and direct answer would be, “Do you have a choice?” Whatever happens in a day or in a moment, it has happened because the configuration has created it. We call it destiny. Something created it, a time, a space, a group of people, an event, and a corresponding experience, something would have created all this. If you do not accept, it can become a pattern. We have seen that the same or a similar pattern repeats in life. Similar effects also happen. And if you go deep inside each pattern, you will see that there was resistance. You have something to do with whatever happens in your life in a particular moment, or over time. At some point in time or at various points in time, you collected that and put it inside as an essence, as a seed, as an impression. The residual memories of experiences become seeds. They are stored as impressions. Residual memories of experiences, such as, you had lunch and you have a memory of the lunch. That is the impression that stays inside. Then it produces likes and dislikes. 

It produces situations. There is what we call mind matter or substratum which has three aspects: mind, intellect and ego. Put together, this is mind matter. What activates mind matter is breath. We have a specific number of breaths before we leave, which means duration. That’s why I said that if you live for 80 years i.e. 29200 days, you will breathe. And the breath or the prana activates the mind matter, impressions are the fuel, and they become thoughts. Then they become expressions and later become actions. Many thoughts happen, fewer expressions happen, and even fewer actions happen. This is our life. This is how we are flowing. 

Why are certain things coming back again and again? Because at some point in time, we resisted them. So, is acceptance better or resistance? That’s the point. If you look within, you will know, I do not need to explain. I’m not better than you, because we are all in the same journey; we are going towards the same brightness. We know very well that every moment, reality is given – time, space, situation, there is a boundary within which an experience is taking place. Whether you take it in, accept or reject, it stays. It happens. 

How do you make all the situations or events or experiences, reasonably edible? Through acceptance. When Ramana Maharishi had cancer, someone asked him, “Is it very difficult?” Of course it will be difficult if you have cancer. It’s not a pleasurable experience, right? Ramana Maharishi said, “I have pain because I have a body. But I have no suffering. Because that’s my choice, I refuse to suffer.” That’s our choice because suffering is connected to the mind. Body is there. You will have everything associated with the body. Hunger is happening because we have a body. You have to feed the annamaya kosha (food sheath) so hunger will happen. Because you have a mind, you handle emotions. We talked about a 

family. But everyone is the same; there is no one apart from you, even though somebody is your wife or child or father or mother. Each of them has a different constitution, but they are the same as us. They have their uniqueness, they have their differences, constitutions are different, maybe the experiences and the assimilation of experiences could be different, but they are all units. It’s all the same. Although somebody is your wife, you cannot own anybody. You own nobody in this life. Although somebody has come to your life as your child, you can’t own that person. If you try to own a child for a very long time, they will put you in an old age home later. 

A: Atmananda is an Avadhoota and what we are trying to explain through Atmananda, who is a fictional character, is the state of an Avadhoota on earth – somebody who can have anything but needs nothing. Existence in perfect freedom. We all talk about freedom. We look at choices and we say this is our freedom e.g. to have a particular food or not, to be married or not, to have a material or not… This is our freedom we talk about. That is all relative freedom. But existence in perfect freedom is: you need nothing from here, you are ready to give everything possible to the world and not having expectations is your strength.

A: CONSCIOUSNESS IS EVERYTHING! Once upon a time, there was no you and I. There was no earth. There was no cosmos. There were no galaxies. There was no life as we see it around us now. There was no up and the down. There was no black and white. There was no darkness. There was no duality. There was no relativity. There was no time. There was nothing. There was only consciousness. Undiluted supreme consciousness.

A: Nothing is wrong in the connection. Each person is different. Some feel, see, smell or hear while some don’t. But on a subtle level, the connection is working. Have faith. Keep connecting. Never doubt yourself or your connection with Him.

A: If your heart says so, you are connected. When you feel me in everything, you are connected. When you remember me in your happiness and sorrows equally, you are connected.

A: Think, walk, talk and express Mohanji all the time. Chant Mohanji Gayatri mantra whenever you can, it can be in your mind also. All this will help strengthen your connection.

A: You can be in my consciousness, and through connecting with my consciousness, you can experience it. But Shaktipat is energy transfer, you cannot connect to it. What we are doing is we are diluting or dissolving the blockages in the system and helping the energy to flow freely. So when all the blockages are removed over a period of time, energy will move freely and you will change or your dimensions will shift. This is Shaktipat. It is something which is transferred physically. But when you think about me or any Master over a period of time with consistency, your energy connection definitely happens. It doesn’t matter whether the Master is in the body or not. If you constantly think and connect to a frequency, you will spontaneously get elevated to that frequency. When you are sincerely connecting to a Master, just a connection with the eye is enough for the transfer to happen. There is no need for even touching. All you have to do is just be empty. If you have this much knowledge, you have only as much as your capacity for receiving. If your glass is totally empty, the entire glass will be filled. So this is up to us, we can be completely empty, we will be filled up. The right disciple is the emptiest disciple.

A: It’s almost like clouds which obscure the sun. Doubts are coming out of mind and doubts are created mostly well, we can get doubts from other people but if doubts are entering it’s the mind projecting an option of these things but what you need to do is stick to your reality. What has been your reality? What has been your experience? And what is the aspiration? If you stick to that, all the doubts-clouds will clear. Doubts will happen, but don’t allow them to stay. You look at it, say ok, it’s existing, but you are beyond doubts. Sun is always there shining. The clouds come and obscure it but sun doesn’t go away. The sun stays. So you are definitely in the sunshine, you are the brightness. Clouds will happen but we know very well that they won’t stay. They all come and go. 

Better not to rain on other people. That is something which you can think about. When you have doubts, keep them to yourself and dissolve them without raining on other people i.e. without contaminating other people’s minds. Then what happens is, it becomes your responsibility to sort out those people. The more people you contaminate with doubts, the more responsibility you are handling. So be careful. To beautify somebody’s mind is good karma. When you contaminate someone’s mind is bad karma. So you have to pay for that too. So pay less. These are all my opinions. 

A: Analysis leads to alienation, confusion and disorientation. Whenever experiences happen, you take the experience as it is and then just let it go. Keep doing that every time it happens. 

Understand that no experience is permanent and that each of them happens at a particular state. Experiences only tell that you are going through certain states. Similar things can happen throughout our lives but are perceived each time in a different way. Nothing is permanent and experiences are situational. So, Mohanji’s advice is not to hold on to them and try to analyse but rather to be a witness, to keep watching them coming and going. 

Some experiences may be connected to past lives, allow them to happen with perfect witnesshood, and let them go. 

We have only the present moment to work on. He recommends to do your best in this time, right now, and do not worry about the future.

A: Yes, everything is predestined, but then it doesn’t mean that we just sleep. All things are predestined because you created them in the past. What you create in the present has value for the future. You need to create a good future. That means you need to work harder, and you need to work in a synchronised way now, to stabilise yourself and then your future will be bright. This is important. It doesn’t mean that whatever has happened or will happen is because of the past and now I do nothing, because your future will be completely confusing. So it’s important that you do the things right and in the right way, using the right system, right opportunities, right masters, right methods, then the future will be beautiful. Because you have only right now to work on. Work on that beautifully and the future will be extremely good. It should not be for somebody else. It should be for you. Understand 7.5 billion people are 7.5 billion karmic beings. Everybody is only experiencing themselves in relationship with something else. Not that they are experiencing something else. All of us are experiencing only our incarnation and our incarnation versus something outside of us, not something outside of us all the time. We get that feeling because mind is outside. But actually speaking, we are only experiencing our existence and that too only in the waking state mostly, dream state partially, deep sleep state not at all. So this is the system.

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