“You are the path, you are the journey, and you are the destination”. 

Mohanji guides us to walk the pathless path which accepts, respects and recognises that we are all unique creations expressing our originality into the world. We each have our own story and our own path to walk, which includes the past, present and future. 

Walking the pathless path is accepting yourself completely, respecting yourself completely and loving yourself completely. In doing this, we transform ourselves and the world.  With our life, we change the world. 

Which way someone will go no one can predict because it’s a unique story. We have a high level of acceptance and respect for everybody, and through this, we evolve to the highest human potential where the natural expression becomes kindness and compassion. 


Mohanji believes that the best religion for human beings is humanity, living the highest human refinement through kindness, compassion and unconditional love. He also accepts everyone as they are and so there is no opinion on what religions others follow, that’s their personal preference.

Our (Mohanji Family) religion as one family is humanity. 

 Ahimsa (non-violence) 

Mohanji strongly believes that Ahimsa is the best practice one can take up in their lifetime. This is non-violence in thoughts, words and actions. This belief is especially connected to our responsibilities as humans. As we have the capacity of refined intellect we should use this to become stewards of the Earth rather than using it for selfish purposes and the exploitation of the environment and other beings. 

Mohanji strongly advocates a plant-based diet because he believes that we have no right to exploit, torture and murder innocent beings simply because of our taste or convenience. He speaks openly about the suffering of the mothers and calves at the hands of the dairy industry. He believes every being has a right to its natural life and the pain caused during the separation of mothers from children is the same for animals as it, humans. 

We have used this Earth, this platform for our own experiences and those come with a cost. In our path, the objective is freedom from bindings, our comfort zones, our habits, our inhibitions, fears, opinions and prejudices. Everything that makes us heavy and bound. 

Throughout our life, we collected various emotions, memories and situations of different intensity which in some cases, cripple us. Through selfless service, through sharing and the feeling of brotherhood with the larger family of all beings in the world, we begin to feel ‘your life is more important than mine’. 

When you decide that the world is more important than you, it brings detachment, and when you give more to the world, it gives more to you. 

Mohanji does not approve of anything which has the potential to disrupt the natural system of life and our bodies. Today there are many scientific advancements which distort natural rhythms of life including adulterated foods and technologies such as 5G. Whilst Mohanji does not approve of these he prefers to demonstrate the alternative options.

For this, we will be creating the Centres of Benevolence where natural living and medicine will be promoted. Natural ecosystems will be preserved and people will be able to stay in an environment that is in coexistence with nature. 

Anything harmless is moral, and anything harmful is immoral. Anything harmless and also non-violence in thought, word, and action (Ahimsa) is moral for Mohanji. As long an activity is consensual, both parties agree, then it can be considered non-violent. 

If somebody desires to have an experience, Mohanji is not rejecting it, denying or judging. Free will is always respected as long as it does not hurt another.

Some people ask about animal sacrifice conducted for certain religions. Again we reiterate about something being consensual. Is the animal agreeing? 

There is no further morality than unconditional love, non-violence, compassion and kindness. And this is also our responsibility as a refined species.

‘’My morality is helping the helpless and if possible wipe out helplessness. My morality is a happy world. My morality is Ahimsa. I do not believe in any other morality. My religion is humanity. This is my highest morality.’’ Mohanji

Mohanji has conducted pilgrimages and retreats in the past, but due to the current COVID-19 situation, Mohanji is not travelling. However, there are online retreats and programs organised where you can ask him questions directly. For all the details, please write to events@mohanji.org. 

Mohanji is married to his wife Devi Mohanji and they have a daughter called Mila Mohan. They spend their time between Slovenia and Serbia.  

Mohanji does not directly perform any healing, but he has empowered many practitioners with the Mai-Tri Method and the Mohanji Transformation Method. These processes address the root cause of various ailments at the seed level. Many people have reported substantial relief from their conditions, having experienced these processes.

Depending on the subject, date and time requests will be considered. Please write to info@mohanji.org with full details of the programs and the reasons why you would like Mohanji to attend.

Mohanji has also empowered Acharyas who practice and share his teachings and techniques. Programs with Acharyas can be arranged by writing with the same details to acharyas@mohanji.org. 

Acharya’s are empowered by Mohanji and are trained to deliver his teachings, meditations process and programs. They conduct a variety of sessions and programs worldwide.  

An Acharya is a commitment to the path of liberation, serving and adding value to the world. Mohanji Acharyas aim to liberate themselves from all  bindings, habits, desires and emotions of life so they can become empty and have a greater capacity to serve the world as per their skill and orientation.

The basis of all Mohanji Acharyas is Humility. Acharyas live a life  in accordance and alignment of Mohanji’s teachings of selflessness, kindness and unconditional love, compassion in action, without judgement or criticism. 

We are ready to welcome anyone who would like to contribute their skills to a greater purpose. Sometimes we have specific openings but all volunteer requests will be considered and tasks can be found to fit your strengths and passions. You can find out more by visiting https://mohanji.org/join/volunteer/

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