Apply for Acharya Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Mohanji Acharya. Below is the application form. Please make certain that you have read the Mohanji Acharya SOP document prior to completing and submitting your application. If you have not yet received the document, please email to request it be emailed to you.

Please treat the URL of this application web page confidentially. If you know of someone that may be interested in the Acharya program, please ask them to email the Acharya Team at email address shown above.

Once you submit your application, you will receive an automatically generated email detailing all of your responses to this online form. The Acharya Team will review your information and email you within 7 days of your submission to let you know if you have been accepted to take the next step in the selection process or not. If you have not heard back within 7 days, please email the Acharya Team at the address shown above.

Please complete all written responses in English. Please note: All fields are required to have input, so simply enter "None" or "NA" (for Not Applicable) in any field for which one of those applies.

Please confirm that you have read the Mohanji Acharya SOP document.(As noted above, please do not submit this application until you have read that document.)



First and Last Name

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Current Country of Residence

Country of Birth

Please provide one personal reference that we can contact who is someone that is closely and actively associated with Mohanji's spiritual mission.

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Native Language

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If English is not your native language and if you have not indicated that you are fluent in English, is your comprehension of English (ability to read, speak and understand) sufficient to read typical Mohanji blogs and receive the Acharya training in English without translation?

Passport Photo - (only JPEG, JPG or PNG file format < 2MB.)


Please list all events of at least 5 hours duration that you have attended with Mohanji physically present at the event (i.e., retreats, weekend programs and one-day programs), including location and duration, and year of event. (Do not include public satsangs.)

Please state if and how long you have been practicing Consciousness Kriya, how regular you are with the practice currently and how long you have been practicing CK with that regularity.

Please describe any other sadhana practices you perform daily (or if less than daily, indicate how regularly) and for what period of time you have done each practice regularly. (Other practices for example include chanting or mantra japa (repetition), yoga, guided meditations and Conscious Walking.) If any such practices are not specifically associated with Mohanji, please clarify.

Are you initiated to give Mohanji Energy Transfer? If in probationary period, please so state.

Are you initiated to give Mai-Tri Healing? If in probationary period, please so state.

Are you trained in yoga as per Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga? (Or if any other form of Hatha Yoga, please specify.)

Have you hosted any public programs or activities for your local area (including other areas if you have moved), such as guided meditations, Conscious Walking and the like? If so, please describe and state for how long and approximately how many such programs.

Please state what seva (volunteer work) you have done for your local center or Foundation and/or the Global organization, if any.


What other experience do you have with speaking to or leading groups?

Please describe the nature of your connection to Mohanji and the Datta Tradition. What does being connected to Mohanji mean to you?

If married, is your spouse dependent on your income?

If married, does your spouse understand the nature of the responsibilities of an Acharya and approve of you applying to become an Acharya?

Which of the following best describes your availability and expected ability to function as an Acharya?

Please write a short essay on why you want to be a Mohanji Acharya (minimum 200 words). )


  I hereby confirm that all information provided by me herein is true and correct.

  I understand that becoming a Mohanji Acharya is a major life-changing and long-term commitment, and I agree to make that commitment if chosen.

  If chosen to become a Mohanji Acharya, I hereby wholeheartedly agree to abide by the Acharya Code of Conduct as specified in the Mohanji Acharya SOP document. I understand that I may be removed from the Acharya program for nonadherence to the Code of Conduct or otherwise not following the directions and instructions given to Acharyas.

  I hereby agree that Brahmarishi Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, and any of the people or venues associated with Mohanji shall not be responsible for any of the possible consequences stemming from my decision to become a Mohanji Acharya. I hereby agree that I release Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, and all organizers and their assistants from all damages whatsoever and waive all rights to compensation in case of injury or loss of any kind.

  I agree that Mohanji Foundation may use my image and any video footage in which I appear in its publications and social and other media.

Please make certain that all mandatory questions are answered before you submit your application. Kindly note that we only accept fully completed applications with all questions answered and a passport picture included.