“Ask the Masters” with Mohanji

“Ask the Masters” with Mohanji

Mohanji was the guest of honour at the inaugural show of “Ask the Masters”, a ten-part web series of interviews with leading spiritual luminaries to provide individuals with spiritual tools and wisdom to guide them towards leading more fulfilling lives. The show was hosted by Dr. Nidhi Kumar, an award-winning lead anchor for DD National, and Yogini Shlloka, an ayurvedic/yogic nutritionist and lifestyle expert. The event was co-hosted by Mystics of India – an organization dedicated to spreading the wisdom of the Masters and Mystics from India, with a large following on their Facebook and Youtube channels.

The format for the show was a question & answer format with questions sourced from the participants prior to and during the show. In his usual friendly demeanour, Mohanji provided clarity and insights to questions on a variety of topics such as mediation, practices for current times, handling fear, finding the right job, happiness, faith, dealing with emotions / personal conflicts, being ourselves and avoiding the need for approval.

As in his earlier video messages, he laid great emphasis on acceptance and introspection as the best tools to utilize this current situation for one’s own benefit. He advised great caution on what we consume – via food, information, via emotions – so that we keep our inner space clean and peaceful at all times.

The hosts mentioned that they were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of questions streaming in through their social channels and phones. Since the interview was scheduled for just an hour, Dr. Nidhi mentioned that she would need many more interviews to address all the questions received!

We thank Dr. Nidhi and Shlloka for being excellent hosts, presenting with grace and respect and swiftly and seamlessly moving through the questions.

The video recording is available on Facebook here and we highly recommend you to watch it.

This was the third in a series of Mohanji interviews since the lockdown. More and more people are connecting to his messages and teachings and surely many more people will benefit in the days ahead. You can also visit the Youtube channel to listen to more of Mohanji’s talks and messages, especially during these times of the lockdown.


Namaskar!We invite you to be a part of our ongoing series, #AskTheMasters. In conversation with Mohanji, will be the hosts Yogini Shlloka & Nidhi Kumar.Ask The Masters is a web series that wishes to give individuals spiritual tools, to cope with their issues- leading them towards more flourishing lives.The show will go live at 5pm IST on 29th April.Chance to get answers live from Mohanji.Mohanji is a renowned humanitarian who lives by the firm conviction " we should always add positive value to the world with our existence, without expectations". Mohanji believes that the best religion for human beings is humanity and the best practice is Ahimsa (non-violence) in thoughts, expressions and actions.

Posted by Shlloka on Wednesday, April 29, 2020

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