Avadhoota Nadananda confers Mohanji the title of Brahmarishi

On the auspicious day of Vijayadashami (10th Oct, 2016), an elaborate ceremony was held in Kurnool to mark the occasion of conferment of the title of “Brahmarishi” to Mohanji by Avadhoota Nadananda (Guruji). The function was planned and executed by Guruji with extraordinary precision. The official agenda involved a number of segments such as felicitations of key contributors to Guruji’s and Mohanji’s missions and the release of various books (and their translations) written by Guruji. The highlight of the function was the conferment of the title “Brahmarishi” to Mohanji. As Guruji explained, He was taking this step on direct guidance from the Guru Mandala However, there was a larger purpose to the function. This was Avadhoota Nadananda’s last public appearance as he handed over all his spiritual and seva responsibilities to carefully chosen successors. As he himself said, he was “retiring” from public life and moving into isolation in an undisclosed location. Though it was heart-breaking to see Guruji walk away from the limelight, everyone was filled with immense gratitude for his years of selfless seva with scant consideration for the toll it had taken on his health. The audience was blessed to witness this scene from close proximity, and there was hardly a person that was not moved to tears.

Guruji had been wishing to step away from public life for some time and hand over to a successor, but Guru Mandala, the Great Inner High Council of Light, had not given the go-ahead. A successor had to be decided upon. When Guruji told Guru Mandala that his body was too tired, he was told, “We are carrying the burden, not you. Existence will continue.” Recently Guruji was given permission to step down. The Guru Mandala had decided who was to succeed him. In July 2016, upon instruction from Guru Mandala, Guruji was instructed to announce that our beloved Mohanji is to be conferred a title of Brahmarishi! […]

The deeper meaning of the sacred Brahmatishi title and its implications for our beloved Mohanji are of a nature that is guarded by the Guru Mandala, and is not to be made public. It is magnificently life altering for Mohanji, and by wider implication for everyone connected to his Consciousness. The holy Conferment comes with the might, power, blessings and beneficence of the entire Guru Mandala.

However it also comes with a great deal of added responsibilities, amongst the most important of which is: Living life in service to others … to bring Light to others … to bring Freedom to others!
Guruji did the actual Transference of His Sadhana Powers to Mohanji in private in the very early hours of Monday morning (11 Oct). That is secret and sacred, and remains so.

For the full details on the ceremony, please read the blog post, The Eternally Flowing River

This album is a humble attempt to share precious moments from the blissful evening

Mohanji’s message to the community

My dear Beloved Embodiments of love,
The title Ceremony went very well. It was a huge event. It cannot be measured in terms of money or time. The ceremony took each one of us to a timeless state. Avadhoota Nadananda conferred the title of Brahmarshi to me on 10.10.16, the auspicious day of Vijay Dashami. It was the day our beloved Shirdi Sai Baba attained Maha Samadhi.
I thank all of you who took time to come there and share the joy. A report in the form of a blog has taking shape which has been personally approved by Avadhoota Nadananda himself. 
I thank each one of you who came there and each one of you who has been present there in consciousness.
Thank you for being with me through happiness and pains, through good and bad times. I love you more than I can express. We shall stay together till the end of time. I promise to be of service to you the way I can. And we are not separate from each other. Together, we are powerful. Thank you again for being with me all these years, loving me and believing in me so unconditionally.
Endless Love

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  1. Sri Guruji.. Pranaams.
    Reading about Sri Avadoota Nadananda….
    I’m an old mother..trying to sort problems for the children the Lord made me bear and bring into this world.I face a dead end everywhere..Will you help us please..

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