Badrinath with Brahmarishi Mohanji


Badrinath temple, situated in the Garhwal Himalayas amidst the snowy and magnificent mountains Nara and Narayana ranges and in the shadow of the mighty Garhwal Queen, the Neelkantha peak along the banks of Alaknanda River in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, a state in North India, has an average elevation of 3,100 meters (10,170 feet ) and is considered to be the most important of the four seats of India’s Char-Dham pilgrimage. In the Sthal Purana, this place was called Muktipad (also Moksha Dham) – one that gives Mukti or Moksha (deliverance) in Satya Yug (the age of Truth). It is believed that Lord Vishnu meditates here in His subtle form for the benefit of humanity. It is believed that when Adi Shri Shankaracharya visited this holy place, he prayed and humbly requested Lord Badrinath to bless him during the kaliyug (the dark age where pain and suffering would be the highest) period so that devotees can attain Moksha even in Kaliyug. Lord Badrinath granted his wish and when Adi Shri Shankaracharya took a dip in the Narad Kund, he recovered the sacred idol of Lord Badrinath. Lord Vishnu is worshipped at Badrinath by human beings for the period when these mountains are free from snow and by saints and divine beings when it snows heavily during winters.

Team Mohanji lovingly invites you to this potent and scenically beautiful land of Lord Vishnu – Badrinath.





The real India is spiritual India. The backbone or the core of India, what attracts more and more people to India is its spiritual backbone, and this spiritual India is curating for and maintaining a lot of old systems and traditions and these traditions are really attracting the real spiritual seekers to India.

Badrinath is one of those locations where lots of great Masters have meditated and are meditating. Some of them are ageless, some of them are timeless, some of them are immortal, and Badrinath continuously caters to the higher elevation and the stability of spiritual life. Badrinath is about 11,000+ feet high in the Himalayas and it is abode of Lord Vishnu as meditating saint, the idol or the image of Lord Vishnu as almost resembling the picture of Babaji seen by us, He is the presiding deity there.

The mountains around Badrinath tell a lot of stories. There are numerous stories right from Mahabharata where the Pandavas left for heavenly abode, via Badrinath they kept walking up the Himalayas and the legend says that while the rest of Pandavas slipped from the mountain, Yudhishtara disappeared at the Swargarohan location. All these significant events happened in this part of Himalayas. There are lot of other points as well where apparently the whole Mahabharata was delivered and written, near Badrinath, in the caves nearby. Even now, there are numerous Masters meditating there and some do appear and disappear and there are various heavenly bodies in that location and there are some pools and ponds at high altitude which are supposed to be very divine; of course it is very cold, but a lot of people visit there. So for any true spiritual seeker, Badrinath is the true location. Badrinath is incomparable if we talk about any other spiritual locations of India. So a visit to Badrinath is like a confirmation that spirituality comes first in our life. All of us have multiple facets, we are all multidimensional, we are physical, we are emotional, we are intellectual, we are egoistic which is personality based as well as we are spiritual. When the spiritual aspect of us gets predominance and when we really know that this is the most important aspect that needs to be nurtured, then we realize that we need to get out of the patterns of body, mind, intellect, and ego and we want to connect to something really deep and high and permanent, that is the time when man looks within and finds the spiritual aspect as the most important aspect and then we gravitate towards places of power, and Badrinath is such a location. Badrinath invites people whose aspiration is to go spiritually high and people come there to explore themselves, to go within. So Badrinath is a location which can neither be ignored nor compared. A trip to Badrinath is often life changing trip. If you can actually inhale and merge into the vibrations of Badrinath, you will definitely go back as a different person. This is unexplainable in a way, Badrinath is not explainable. Badrinath is to be experienced and the experience will last a long time.

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The importance of a Guru (spiritual Master) in our life is about the tatwa or energy which brings about the transformation in our lives. He resides inside each one of us and increases our awareness about gratitude in every little aspect of our lives. A profoundly powerful Spiritual Master, Brahmarishi Mohanji visiting the profoundly powerful abode of Lord Vishnu – Badrinath is definitely one of the primary reasons for not missing this trip. It is pure blessing to be able to visit all the power places in His presence. Throughout the pilgrimage, Brahmarishi Mohanji works on many things like reducing karmic baggage, awareness building, and raising our frequency bringing about subtle changes in our consciousness. We go back home more peaceful, aware, and joyful, and with a replenished inner strength which makes us more ready for the world, as we know we are forever protected under His compassionate umbrella.The trip of Badrinath is weaved together in a very interesting manner and spots to be visited are chosen with great attention according to its historic, religious, and spiritual reference. The pilgrimage will begin with a dip in the holy Ganga at Haridwar, proceeding with visiting important spiritual temples and ashrams en route Badrinath and in Badrinath.During the course of the trip, in Brahmarishi Mohanji’s presence, transformation will happen on all levels – physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. A new perspective will help find a beautiful amalgamation of spirituality in our daily materialistic life and that spirituality does not necessarily mean an ascetic existence.Pilgrimage and visit to places of power and sanctity by themselves trigger a lot of cleansing and as we imbibe the energy of those places, especially in the presence of a Master, they bring about subtle transformation in us. The wisdom and clarity of a true Master, a Master who is connected to the source, go a long way towards helping us maintain a peaceful, stable, and happy internal space, regardless of which circumstances and environment we might find ourselves in, long after the pilgrimage is over.

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Milica Bulatovic (South Africa)

Milica Bulatovic (South Africa)

When visiting Badrinath temple, one needs to do nothing but close their eyes to experience total silence and peace. Even long travel through landslide affected roads is fun when one is with amazing people; and then spending so much time with Mohanji in such a sacred place was a huge blessing. Words aren't enough for the gratitude I have towards Mohanji for my experiences during this pilgrimage. This trip changed my life and I will treasure it forever!
Padmaja Nimbalkar (India)

Padmaja Nimbalkar (India)

Whenever thoughts arise in disciple’s mind Guru is aware of it. I experienced this state in Badrinath , while taking rounds around sanctorum of Lord Mahavishnu, I was about to finish 108th round and desire arose in my mind to have darshan of my beloved Master and wanted to touch His holy feet. Soon after that, Mohanji entered the temple premises from nowhere and suddenly started taking rounds. I was stunned to see this, I was talking to myself that Mohanij this is my last round and I would like to touch Your feet. The moment I said this to myself, He turned around and I took his blessings.
Madhusudan (India)

Madhusudan (India)

Our trip happened despite all odds and hurdles and the protective umbrella of divine grace was visible at every moment as our group obtained multiple darshans of the Lord with hardly any crowds around us. In Badrinath, priests in the temple told us "Only those eligible and ready for next level of spiritual evolution can enter Badrinath. So if you've come here, it means you were chosen." So if anyone has a genuine urge to progress on the spiritual path, this pilgrimage is an absolute must-do. Such chances don't come often!


BadrinathKedarnathValley of Flowers
20 Sep Arrival to Haridwar post lunch. Ganga aarti at Har ki Podi.
21 Sep Haridwar Early morning Ganga dip at Har ki Podi. Visits to Lahiri Mahasaya Shrine at Shri Keshavanandaji Ashram, Maa Anandamayee Ashram and Neem Karoli Baba Ashram. Ganga dip, visiting powerful spiritual places and ashrams.
22 Sep Departure for Pipalkoti (By bus) Local tour on the way. Night stay at Pipalkoti.
23 Sep Departure for Badrinath Check in at hotel, followed by lunch. Local visit to temple complex.
24 Sep Badrinath Maha-abhishekam, Performing Ancestral Pooja, Visit to Vishnu Charan Paduka. Satsang with Mohanji. Satsang with Mohanji in the evening.
25 Sep Badrinath. Visit Badrinath temple, Visit to Village Mana (Ganesh Gufa, Vyas Gufa, Bhim Pool, River Sarasvati). Meditation/satsang in the evening Mana – the last village of India, almost touching the Indo-China border. The Pandavas passed this village on their way to heaven.
26 Sep Departure to Haridwar Night Stay at Rudra Prayaag
27 Sep Haridwar Visit to Vashishta Cave. Night Stay at Haridwar.
28 Sep Departure to Delhi after breakfast End of Tour/Departure after breakfast
20-25 Sep As per Badrinath Itinerary.
26 Sep Departure for Gupt Kashi Arrive at Kedarnath’s base camp Gupt Kashi. Night Stay at Gupt Kashi.
27 Sep Kedarnath (via Helicopter) Visit Kedarnath temple. Return to Gupt Kashi after darshan. Night halt at Gupt Kashi.
28 Sep Departure for Haridwar Visit to Vashishta Cave enroute, night stay at Haridwar
29 Sep Haridwar End of Tour/Departure after breakfast
20-24 Sep As per Badrinath Itinerary.
25 Sep Departure for Govind Ghat Helipad by bus Reach Gangharia by helicopter, uphill trek to VoF. Return back to Gangharia on same day, night stay at Gangharia. Visit the heaven on earth.
26 Sep Kedarnath (via Helicopter) Join the Badrinath group at Rudraprayag.
27-28 Sep Haridwar As per Badrinath Itinerary.


  • For pilgrims who OPT OUT of Valley of Flowers, they will stay back in Badrinath and can Meditate at temple and/or visit places nearby at their convenience.

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  • Pray for the salvation of your ancestors by taking a dip in the divine Ganga at Har ki Pauri, the place sanctified by nectar falling from the sky, believed to be visited by Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu and that holds a footprint of Lord Vishnu.
  • Visit to the Samadhi of Lahiri Mahasaya, Keshav Ashram, Haridwar, a powerful liberated Master who was initiated into Kriya yoga by the great transcendental Master, Mahavatar Babaji
  • Visit to Rishikesh known as a magnet to spiritual seekers and the Yoga Capital of the world and witnessing the Ganga aarti at the spiritually acclaimed Triveni Ghat.
  • Visit to Neem Karoli Baba Ashram, a Siddha Purush and staunch devotee of Hanumanji, also known as the mystic saint of North India.
  • Visit to the most powerful and spiritually enriching Vashishta Gufa (cave) situated on the banks of River Ganga where Sage Vashishta, mediated for hundreds of years and resonate with the saintly vibrations and positivity…an excellent opportunity to reclaim your inner peace and tranquility.
  • **Visit to Valley of Flowers, a mesmerizing destination for photo lovers and trekkers, it is a splendid opportunity to satiate the nature lover inside you amidst cascading waterfalls enroute, surrounded by Great Himalayas and Zanskar mountain ranges.
  • **Visit to Valley of Flowers is OPTIONAL with additional cost. For more information, please contact

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  • After an already peace enriching journey along with Brahmarishi Mohanji, the final and most important leg of trip is reached upon – Badrinath. Located between Nar and Narayan mountain ranges, the Badrinath temple is naturally blessed with untouched and breathtaking scenic beauty. Along with the main shrine, there are various other important spiritual places that are captivating.
  • Visit to the Tapt Kund, hot water springs, known for their healing and medicinal properties.
  • Visit to the famous Badrinath shrine and soak in the meditative powers of Lord Vishnu along with a chance to witness the maha-abhishekam being performed on Him.
  • For the welfare of humanity, the Badrinath Yatra is focused on lessening karmic baggage which can be achieved by performing pind-daan (ancestor ceremony) at the Brahma Kapal Ghat to bring salvation and redemption from sufferings.
  • Performing tarpan (offering of water) to divine entities.
  • Witnessing the evening aarti performed for Lord Vishnu followed by chanting of the Vishnu Sahastranama.
  • Visiting the sacred rock, Charan Paduka, which has imprints of Lord Vishnu’s foot.
  • Visiting the last village of India, Mana Village where Mahabharata was dictated by Veda Vyas in the Vyas Gufa and penned down by Lord Ganesha in the Ganesh Gufa. River Saraswati, otherwise known famously as the lost river, is seen prominently in Mana.

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The Badrinath yatra is a very sacred pilgrimage. People who have gone to past yatras with Shri Brahmarishi Mohanji can attest to the spiritual transformation that it has brought about in their lives. It is important that people with the right attitude and bhaav (devotion) join the trip so that the group energy is conducive to everyone’s spiritual upliftment. In particular, it is our endeavour to create a encouraging spiritual space in the spirit of sangha (spiritual family) where the participants support each other in their transformations to derive the maximum benefit from this pilgrimage.

Hence, we would prefer to avoid tourists (spiritual or otherwise) since there are several avenues available outside that cater to that segment. People deeply connected to Shri Brahmarishi Mohanji through his various activities conducted globally or people deeply connected to Shri Sai Baba, Shiva or other masters who, repeating again for emphasis, are focused on their spiritual growth.

In keeping with that objective, the registration process for Badrinath with Brahmarishi Mohanji 2018 will be as under:

  • We request the applicant to fill up & submit the application form online
  • The Badrinath Team will go through the application and evaluate it for selection. In case of queries or doubts, they may request the applicant for additional information to supplement the application
  • Based on the answers given in the application, the Badrinath Team will decide on the suitability of the applicant to join the group and inform the applicant accordingly.

Once the applicant has been approved, the registration process can proceed towards payment and registration completion.


Please contact for further details. Due to high global demand, we have a limited spaces for the Badrinath with Brahmarishi Mohanji 2018 pilgrimage. Places will be allocated strictly on a first come first served basis.

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