Being selfless fully
Being selfless fully

Being selfless fully

How to be fully selfless? I Mohanji

We all have a feeling, when we do something, that we are doing it, that we are the doer. We all feel like that, and it’s true as well, in a way. All our life, we have felt, ‘I have studied, I passed the exam. I got the honours.’ All these ‘I’, and this is actually an inspiration for us, we achieved something. Even in doing charity, as you said, when we do something, I am doing it. So, this is a big gratification for me. This is normal for us; it’s natural for us. 


On various levels, we have ownerships, even to our relatives; this person is mine – my husband, my wife, my children, my father. This ownership is a part of our existence. That’s one of the major connections that we have possessions, positions and relations, are the three most important binding factors that control us. 


What is the root cause of karma


Look at the tree, the plants, the sun, the wind. They are doing their Dharma (duty) without expecting anything. The sun is a presence, the sun does not intend to give you light or heat, but the sun’s nature is to give light and heat. We take the light and heat from the sun, but the sun is not deciding anything. A tree is giving you oxygen, but the tree is not thinking I’m giving oxygen now, this quantity today, another quantity the next day. 

The Mind

But what is making us feel ownership? 

The local mind. The mind, which is connected to your personality, social position, power, affluence, or whatever you have, ‘I’m so and so.’ – all these things are binding factors. This is preventing us from being fully free.

I’ll give you an example. Imagine you’re doing so many things each day; imagine a time when you couldn’t do it. How will you feel? Straight away down. So, this is something; it’s like a daily tea or a coffee. If you don’t have it one day, you feel so low. Ownership is also like that. Ownership is fine when you can have it. But life is not like that. 


Now in the COVID situation, so many things have changed, even people with money cannot exercise it, cannot use it, people are stuck in buildings. What happened then? Power changed. The flavour of power changed; things changed. Things change; life changes. Awareness is the best thing here; we must have clear awareness. Like when we connect to the sun and sea, the sun is not expecting anything back, but we have an Earth, and we have life on Earth because of the sun’s presence. 

Awareness is very important; that is good enough. Awareness is almost like diagnosis just like when you know what is in your body, if you’re clearly aware and then the doctor is clearly aware of what’s your physical condition, the treatment is very easy. 


Like that, “Hey, I have an ego.” That awareness is enough. Or, ‘I’m having a pleasure when I’m serving’, so it’s not all that innocent, or it’s not all that unconditional, that thought is enough.

Observe yourself

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