Being with Mohanji at Berovo, Macedonia | 15-18 June 2018

With great pleasure, Team Mohanji invites you to the program “Being with Mohanji” which will take place at the Resort & Spa “AURORA” near Berovo, Macedonia, situated in the Malesh Mountains at 1100m above sea level. The program will take place from 15 June 2018 (6:00PM) until 18 June 2018 (2:00PM).

This Program offers you an opportunity to connect deeply with your own Self, to experience peace and receive answers to your innermost questions directly from the spiritual teacher Mohanji. During these few days you will practice breathing exercises (pranayama), spiritual techniques for inner cleansing under direct guidance of Mohanji, as well as practice of meditations Power of Purity, 360 Degrees, Blossoms of Love, Bliss of Silence, and the dynamic meditation Conscious Walking. You will have a special opportunity to be in the presence in Mohanji which by itself brings forth a deep transformation. Vegan food will go along with detox and inner cleansing.

The morning yoga will be held by the certified 200RYT yoga instructor Devi Mohan, according to the programme of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HSTY). The yoga programme is specially organised by the Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HTSY) using the knowledge acquired through the decade of intensive studies and many researches.

The primary focus of this program will be on detoxing on all levels, through each of the five body elements:

  • Cellular level: through Mohanji’s super intensive “conscious breathing”, as well as through other Pranayamas and Shatkarma techniques (the element of air) through which we’ll be guided by the yoga instructor Devi Mohan
  • Physical level: through yoga asanas, Conscious Walking, carefully picked vegan food and early-morning water therapy
  • Emotional level: through meditations, silence, blessings and forgiveness (the element of space/mind) we enter the unconditional love
  • Spiritual level: through Shaktipat (the element of fire).

Please register at the following email or call +38970252689 (Viber, Whatsapp).

Deadline for reservation of your spot at the program is 5 April 2018. Spots are limited and will be booked on a first come first serve basis.

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More info about the location Resort & Spa “AURORA”

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