Being with Mohanji at Hvar, Croatia | 6th – 14th May 2017

You are cordially invited to our “Being with Mohanji” Retreat at the stunning Senses Resort on the magical island of Hvar in Croatia 6 – 14th May 2017. Latest payment deadline is 1 May 2017. To ensure your participation in the Retreat, please book at the earliest by contacting us on

The “Being with Mohanji” Retreat is essentially about YOU with the Master in a powerful natural surroundings. With its evergreen trees, a stunning long walking trail by the sea, excellent shallow water beaches, calm and peaceful environment without the touristy hustle, Senses Resort provides perfect environment for spiritual programs and family vacations. Families with children who would like to join us for the Retreat enjoy special discounts – children up to 12 years of age get a discount 50% and children of age 12 – 18 get a discount of 25% of the total price. A beautiful Water Park, warm swimming pool outdoor, and a plethora of lovely outdoor games and activities for children in the shade of the evergreen trees right in front of the sea, make Senses Resort a perfect family vacation venue along with the spiritual program at the Retreat.

Right after the Retreat, on 14 May noon time, you can join Mohanji in another adventure – a 5h long trip to Bosnian pyramids where an unforgettable 2-day program will be conducted. Although all are welcome for this program, this is the first time that Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji program will include the initiation into Consciousness Kriya and practice of the same for those who have been initiated into this sacred practice by Mohanji in the past. Being with Mohanji Retreat on island Hvar is a perfect preparation for the profound energy processes that await those who join us at the pyramids.

So what is expected of you? Just be yourself, allow yourself to dive into all the practices and processes that Mohanji will guide you through and express your true self. Mohanji says that, “Spiritual life means being YOU. Being Natural. Connecting to yourself. Recognizing, understanding and merging with yourSelf”. The Master comes in handy provided you know how to use Him to reach yourself. This retreat is an opportunity for you to be in silence, to start entering your inner space and seek within. In order to provide sufficient time for profound inner cleansing and transformation, the retreat will be longer than usual – 8 days in total. Over 8 blissful days, you will be able to concentrate on cleansing your inner self and unwinding from your fast-paced daily life.

Morning yoga will be conducted as per the schedule of the Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HSTY) under the skillful guidance of Devi Mohan, in line with the training and instructions of Yogacharya Sanjay from India. Aside from the early morning water therapy, yoga, pranayama, kriyas, mantra-chanting, sitting and walking meditation, inner cleansing will be greatly enhanced by the Sun and Water Kriya which Mohanji will be introducing for the first time. This Kriya is done while standing in the sea water and gazing at the Sun during sunrise or sunset, along with special breathing and focusing technique. This technique promises to enrich your spiritual practice for life.

Sattvic vegan food will go hand-in-hand with the detoxing and inner cleansing. But the priceless value of ‘Being with Mohanji’ retreat is the real alchemy that happens in the expanded aura of the Master. In the right moment, when one is open and ready to let go, the spark in the inner space of an individual triggers true transformation.

What is required from the participants is full-time mindfulness, receptivity and discipline with love. This Retreat is a wonderful opportunity to experience inner bliss and lightness which leads one to spiritual awakening.

The retreat is primarily focused on detoxing at all levels, through each of the five elements that constitute our body, i.e. detoxing at the:
Cellular level: through Mohanji’s super intense “conscious breathing”, as well as other Pranayama and Shatkarma techniques (air element),
Physical level: through Yoga asanas, Conscious Walking, selected vegan food, early morning water therapy and special Kriyas performed in the sea water (earth, fire and water element),
Emotional level: through meditation, silence, blessing and forgiveness (space/mind element) tuning into unconditional love,
Spiritual level: through Shaktipat (fire element), and most importantly,
– Synchronicity from being in the presence of the Master, the rare blessing of being in the vibration and aura of the Source.

The daily yoga schedule for the retreat is structured in order to work on all the Pancha Tattwas, activate and balance the seven energy centres (chakras) in the body. The yoga program has uniquely structured yoga sessions that have been designed by the Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HSTY) using expertise developed over decades of intensive study and painstaking research.

The sessions will be conducted in line with the special program designed by the Yogacharya Sanjay from India, who has over 40 years of experience in the field of yoga. He works in tandem with Mohanji to dynamically tailor the program schedule based on Mohanji’s expectations on the cleansing requirements of the group’s energy, ensuring everyone’s incremental progress.

Throughout the retreat, Mohanji works on diluting and burning accumulated karmic baggage, and elevating and raising our frequency. The constitutional changes are extremely potent and intense. The wisdom and clarity, which can only come from the consciousness of a true Master, go a long way towards helping us maintain a peaceful, stable and happy internal space, regardless of which circumstances and environment we might find ourselves in, long after the retreat is over.

This will be your unique opportunity to experience joy, lightness, deep cleansing and inner transformation.

For more details and queries, please email

For those who choose to continue with us to Bosnian Pyramids 14 – 16 May 2017, please find out more about the program here

* To maintain exclusivity and personal attention, we intend to keep only 60 spaces for the “Being with Mohanji” retreat in Hvar.
* Due to high global demand, places will be allocated strictly on a first come first served basis.
* Once our group is finalized, we will be unable to take further applications/queries into consideration.

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