Himalayan Retreat with Brahmarishi Mohanji, India | Dec 9 – 17 2017,

You are cordially invited to our “Himalayan Retreat with Mohanji” to be held at Rishikesh in India from December 9th to December 17th, 2017.

A “Being with Mohanji” retreat is essentially about YOU with the Master in a spiritual power center. What is expected of you? Be yourself and express your true self. Mohanji says that, “Spiritual life means being YOU. Being Natural. Connecting to yourself. Recognising, understanding and merging with yourself”. The Master comes in handy provided you know how to use Him to reach yourself. Be in silence, start entering your inner space and seek within. Concentrate on eliminating your inner ‘devils’ rather than gathering more tools from outside.

The highlights of the retreat with Mohanji are detoxification, cleansing and purification on all levels – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual – and the various aspects and dimensions through the Panch Tattwa – the 5 basic elements which constitute a human body:

  • Purify the earth (bhumi) element through diet
  • Cleanse the water (jala) element through water therapy and yoga
  • Cleanse and activate the air (vayu) element through pranayama (yogic breathing)
  • Cleanse the ether (akasha) element through pilgrimages, meditation and satsang with Mohanji
  • Use the fire (agni) element to burn all negativities and hindrances to evolution through a havan, a fire ceremony and Shaktipat

The daily yoga schedule for the retreat is structured in order to work on all the Pancha Tattwas, activate and balance the seven energy centres (chakras) in the body. The yoga program has uniquely structured yoga sessions that have been designed by the Himalayan School of Traditonal Yoga (HSTY) using expertise developed over decades of intensive study and painstaking research.

The sessions will be conducted by the amazing Yoga Acharya Sanjay (aka Sanjay Sir), who has over 30 years of experience in the field of yoga. He works in tandem with Mohanji to dynamically tailor the program schedule based on Mohanji’s expectations on the cleansing requiremetns of the group’s energy and the incremental progress of the participants.

Mohanji will guide us towards liberation from bindings and also help us to go beyond the mind that prevents us from having direct insights into the Absolute Truth of our Being. Throughout the retreat, Mohanji works on diluting and burning accumulated karmic baggage, and elevating and raising our frequency. The constitutional changes are extremely potent and intense. The wisdom and clarity, which can only come from the consciousness of a true Master, go a long way towards helping us maintain a peaceful, stable and happy internal space, regardless of which circumstances and environment we might find ourselves in, long after the retreat is over. You will have a unique opportunity to experience joy, lightness and deep cleansing and inner transformation.

Rishikesh is the spiritual magnet of India and the cradle of yoga, spiritualism, meditation and iconic ashrams. A retreat in Rishikesh with Brahmarishi Mohanji is must in the bucket list of every seeker and a once-in-lifetime opportunity to detox, rejuvenate and heal.

Let Mother Ganges wash your soul.

You will have a unique opportunity to experience joy, lightness and deep cleansing and inner transformation. This is an opportunity to be guided by Mohanji through the 9 days of the retreat to establish a connection with your Self – Wouldn’t this be a real blessing for a true seeker?

Come, discover yourself with Brahmarishi Mohanji.

For more details and queries, please email india@mohanji.org. We have a high global demand since this is the last retreat of the year plus we are in holiday season. We intend to keep a limited set of spaces for the Being with Mohanji 2016 pilgrimage.

To register, please fill up the online application
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10 thoughts on “Himalayan Retreat with Brahmarishi Mohanji, India | Dec 9 – 17 2017,

  1. I would like to nominate my parents who are aged 69 (Father) and 57 (Mother) for this retreat. My father is diabetic, but under control and is otherwise healthy. Mother is also healthy with no particular health issues. Please let me know if they can participate in this retreat considering that the time is during December.

    1. Dear Bhavana,

      We have sent your details to the Kailash team. They will get in touch with you.

      In Mohanji’s Consciousness,
      Team Mohanji

  2. Dear Team, I have mailed about my registration. But have not got any confirmation yet. Pls tell, will Mohanji allow me to be in His presence

    1. Dear Nishant,

      Jai Mohanji!

      Did you had a chance to submit your application through https://mohanji.org/apply-for-program/ . If not, we strongly encourage you to submit your application. Alternately, we have forwarded your request to relevant team and they should be in touch with you shortly.
      Eagerly awaiting your participation in this wonderful retreat @ Himalayas.

  3. Sorry….Earlier message was having some typo error. hence zending it again.

    Is it possible for me to meet Mohanji in India. but i cant go on retreat leaving my child .at home. Just want to meet him.once…pls. help

  4. Dear organisers,
    Is there any specifications to participate in the retreat? I and my family have not attended any programs of mohanji. I have only watched guruji’s videos and have read the blog.

    1. Dear Madhumathi,

      Jai Mohanji!

      We are excited that you are keen to participate in this retreat. The general procedure for any retreat (or) Pilgrimage with Brahmarishi Mohanji is that the interest participant fills out an application form, it gets evaluated by a team and they shall be in touch with you for the next steps. We have forwarded your query and contact info to relevant team and they should be in touch with you shortly.

      We sincerely hope and wish that you get a chance to participate in this amazing retreat.

  5. Hello Dear admin. Team

    I wonder if there are any spaces left on the Rishikesh retreat at this time ?
    I hope there will be more Blessed opportunies to meet Mohanji in India next year?
    I might just leave an application for future events, though.
    Love Ulla

    1. Dear Ulla,

      We have copied you on a note to our India team (india@mohanji.org) that organises this event. We sincerely wish that you get a chance to attend this wonderful retreat in Himalayas.

      In Consciousness of Mohanji
      News Team

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