Incredible origin of life

Origin of life- What created life? I Mohanji 

Imagine we have a buffet lunch here – different varieties of food, everything cooked from the heart, beautiful food, very tasty food. You had a great meal. When finished eating, what will remain after eating? Somebody says to you next week, “Oh, go to that restaurant. Amazing food”. How will you know? Because you experienced it. The activity is that we ate food. Experience remains with us; the experience leaves a memory. 

Experience and Memory

If the memory is very good, you will want more of it, a repetition. If the memory is very bad, what will result? Fear of repetition. We have many such fears. We fear certain things repeating in our life, and it comes. 

So, where is this coming from? An experience of the past, our memory, and that converted into fear. This is exactly what is stored in our system, which can become a habit or a pattern. I’m sure most of you will remember this as relationship matters in our life. If we are afraid of some relationship issues, they keep coming back. 

Seed impressions

These are the seeds. Seed impressions came out of memories of an experience, which is creating your life ahead. So, when these impressions are sitting as seeds, they have to become a tree someday when the environment is right. And these have to use space and time for manifestation. This is exactly what is happening with your life. Impressions are using space and time to give you experiences, and time also means breath. If you are alive for 80 years, it’s only 29,200 days. So, our average story is about 29,200 days on earth in one body, but we are limited. This is the point. We have limitations. 

Imagine we live for 80 years in this body. In 29,200 days, we complete this story. Within this time, you have to experience all that you have to experience with this body. Each person is a fresh story; each life is a fresh story. You can’t compare; it’s stupidity to compare. It’s also stupidity to criticize because you’re only playing your story. 

Being Yourself

Now go back to where we started; being yourself. That means stop being fragmented over past and future and be here experiencing life as one unit. No time to waste on criticizing other people. Why is he doing this? Why is she doing this? This person is not good. That person is not good. It’s all a waste of time. Instead, focus on experiences right now. Life will become positive. 

Can we ever say somebody is very bad? You can’t. Not possible. We are all mixtures of so many things. As I said, when you fear something, it gets trapped in our system. When we love something, that also gets trapped into our system. And this becomes a mixture. If fruits and vegetables become a smoothie, can you tell which is which? We are all a mixture, and everybody has a particular flavour based on how many fears, how many good things are stored inside. We are that. Does this make sense? 


So, the only thing you have to do in one lifetime is to bring the fragmented mind over many things to yourself. Become one unit. A few things help this. Breathing – you are breathing without your knowledge. I’m talking about character traits, not activity. Certain character traits you can cultivate will help you to be one unit. Selflessness – the more you’re selfless, the less fragmented you are. When you care about other people more than yourself, you are more of a unit.

If you make a lifestyle of compassion, you are more of a unit. Easily, you will see yourself in everybody. It’s easier. Selflessness leads to activity without expectation; this is wonderful. When you have no expectations over an activity, you are experiencing freedom. If you do something to somebody and expect thanks or gratitude, you’re bound by that person and the activity. There is a binding. Now, if you’re doing something to somebody and completely forget that you have done it, how will you feel? You will feel liberated. You’re not bound by the result of an activity.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Yogesh Pandit

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