Our Relationship is Not Accidental

My beloved embodiments of pure love! Our relationship is not accidental. We have been connected from life times and will continue through time as well. So, the familiarity that some of you are experiencing today has deeper roots than your limited mind can perceive. So, please do not mind if what is given below is


Mohanji receives many mails with many questions and problems from various parts of the world each day. Usually, he makes it a point to reply to each one of them, even though it is not easy. What we have here, is the essence of his replies for about 150 such mails.  Straight from the heart, with

Q&A in Muscat, November 17, 2011

Dear All, These are the question and answers happened during Satsang on 17 Nov 2011 in Muscat. There are questions on fears, how to handle injustice, early death of child, abortions and also should we convince other people about meditation. Mohanji’s answers are really stark and piercing, which could make a definitive shift in consciousness,

Q&A in Munich – Easter 2011

Dear Friends Please find below the transcription of the two very intense Q&A sessions we had here in Munich with Mohanji over the past couple of days. Almost exactly one year after he conducted the first ever BTW session in Germany. To top the great surprise of his short notice visit to Germany: he came during this

What Can I Do?

  Dear All, Before the meditation on last Thursday 7 April 2011, Mohanji looked completely different when he entered the meditation hall. He looked slim, young and fully charged. Usually, as he enters, he will do his prayers and will be in communion all the time. Then in a sharp glance, he will connect with

Live His Teachings ; The Ways

“The BEST gift you can give to your beloved Guru, is to LIVE HIS TEACHINGS. When you live his teachings, you become one with your Guru, whoever your Guru is. It does not matter. But, if you respect your Guru, if you appreciate His teaching, LIVE IT. That is the least and that is the

Expressions and Understandings

Topic: Gurus and followers. In recent years, there has been a lot of controversy regarding certain spiritual organizations and the actions of both their leaders and followers. This has lead to a lot of doubt, confusion and even disillusionment. Mohanji has received many mails pertaining to the subject of Gurus and followers. This post addresses

Live Today, Love Today!

Topics: Living fully in the present; Understanding Success and Failure. This week, Mohanji gave clarity to many aspects of our everyday life. He just held up a mirror to ourselves, for us to see who we are, what are we doing and where we stand in life. Kindly read on ! Q. It feels like