Kailash with Mohanji – The Journey of a Lifetime

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Kailash with Mohanji

The Journey of a Lifetime

The groups of people from various walks of life who travelled with Mohanji to experience this enigma called Kailash. This is their story. This book could open up doors and windows and bring new light into the minds of spiritual seekers, curious thinkers, travellers to Kailash or even a casual reader.

Mount Kailash – the most powerful energy portal of earth. Kailash stands tall in the horizons of various religions and spiritual paths as an ultimate goal and destination for its seekers. It challenges man to test the death of his spiritual conviction. It literally moves mountains in endurance. Man versus Kailash could mean the ultimate realisation that every man is indeed Kailash - in depth and mystery. The mystery and power of the yogi God, called Shiva overwhelms a man to take up this journey of a lifetime against all odds. This is a life changing expedition. This is the ultimate test of faith. This is the ultimate pilgrimage of man to his own eternal abode.

The idea of this book was conceived after this group of pilgrims made the most important journey of their lives - the Kailash Manasarovar pilgrimage - which was made more sublime with the presence of their spiritual teacher, Mohanji. This is an unusual format for a book wherein different people from all walks of life came together to share their experiences after the pilgrimage in July 2012. It has taken nine months, the full term for a human life to take birth, to compile and rewrite this book. In the course of this period it was written and rewritten in three different formats.

A note from Mohanji is followed by the significance of Kailash-Manasarovar and a complete narrative of the journey written by the editor, Aparna Sharma. Chapter 5 is in the words of all those who came together to create this book, some fellow pilgrims and some who did not attend the pilgrimage but were connected, in spirit through mystical chords of love.