Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji

Please think or believe that you have been called. Otherwise neither you nor me would be here now. There is no coincidence

                                                                                                                                                                Brahmarishi Mohanji

About Bosnian Pyramids

Bosnian Pyramids are the biggest, the most prominent and the oldest pyramidal complex recently discovered, situated in the ancient town of Visoko in Bosnia. Their power is not only reflected through their age and size, but through their healing properties as well. The Bosnian Pyramids complex consists of the Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon, Pyramid of the Dragon, of Earth, and of Love. Beside the surface structures, there are also labyrinth tunnels known under the name “Ravne”. They spread under the Pyramid complex and the town of Visoko, taking up tens of square kilometers.

Bosnian Pyramids seem like a giant antenna which gathers, amplifies and straightens natural electromagnetic impulses. These energies are particularly useful for the improvement of the bio-electric conditions for cell regeneration and healing. The researches show that the energies discovered at the Pyramids are the most beneficial and optimal for the physical, mental and spiritual human health.

High saturation of negative ions, which increase the blood oxygen level, kill viruses and bacteria and clear the air from dust, has been registered. It’s been established that there is no negative cosmic radiation nor natural radioactivity in the tunnels. The ceramic blocks are set above the underground water flows and they neutralize the negative underground radiation. Thus the tunnels are a completely protected space. In such conditions, the cells of an organism start the regeneration process.

The studies of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun have shown that the electromagnetic fields generated above the pyramids are more vertically oriented. This is believed to be unusual considering the fact that the electromagnetic patterns registered above the formations such as natural hills or mountains normally have horizontal orientation. There is another interesting fact – according to the scientists, the detected frequency is no longer used in our technology.

Mohanji in front of Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu with Mohanji

Healing Powers of the Bosnian Tunnels

Under the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, there is a wide underground tunnel with a network of rooms which in total spreads for more than 15 km, connecting all the pyramids and other locations. The studies reveal that the negative ions and the healing properties of the tunnels are in average 18000 ions per cube cm, and in some places, the number reaches even 25-40000 ions. This is what results in the incredible healing effect for those who visit the pyramids and the tunnels and spend time there.

People have written about their experiences, transformations, insights and liberation they have experienced on the pilgrimage to the Pyramids with Mohanji. They happen for a higher cause, because our soul knows the way, it leads us and teaches us to surrender. When this surrender happens and when we become aware of the acceptance, that’s when the mercy and kindness start showering ceaselessly.

In Mohanji’s Words

“I have a great attraction to the Bosnian pyramids because of the healing energy there – because of the feeling of home, of Motherhood and the womb effect which I experience there. I bring people there to experience. It’s a remarkable location.”

On the first occasion he visited Bosnian pyramids, Mohanji said: “I believe there are pyramids which are receivers and pyramids which are transmitters. I consider most of the Egyptian pyramids as receivers for the land (even though I have never been there, and I’m not sure why I never had any interest to visit Egypt, yet had an interest to come here). So I consider pyramids of this nature as energy sources (I have not been inside. I am talking hypothetically). These pyramids here are transmitting. So the movement is like a fountain or volcano. These ones are visible from outer space. Those beings of higher nature who travel with energy, can see and feel what is going on here using these. And also the energy inside suits their energy. If they want to come here, these are portals of landing. All of us have a frequency and if the frequency doesn’t match, we cannot stay in that place. Beings who are completely selfless, and completely objective, come to such portals to exist or to work, and their intention is pure. They are not coming here to take something. They are here to expand or develop the current era, current space. I also have a feeling about energy sources such as this one. There are four types of places: very bad, medium, good and very good. This comes into the very good level as far as the energy is concerned. To enter such places, there should be permission, a call. That is why the professor Semir Osmanagić has said many people have disowned it. Because they cannot enter. When you operate in a gross frequency, you cannot enter a subtle place. It is simple logic.

Please think or believe that you have been called. Otherwise neither you nor me would be here now. There is no coincidence. And all you need when you are in such a space is emptiness. Don’t think. Just feel. How you can use this space is very simple. How or who you are, that much you get. If you are absolutely empty, that much you will be filled. If you are already fully filled, there is nothing more to give. So be empty and embrace the energy.”


  • Grace all the way to the Pyramids

    Grace all the way to the Pyramids

    My fear was reduced and I immediately knew that he was taking care of me. It was his grace that I was in Bosnia and it was his grace that I could move and go up the steep path up the Bosnian Pyramids. Due ot a slipped disc issue, I normally have to be very careful with my knees, my legs and my back. And here I was, climbing a pyramid metres and metres high. This was indeed a miracle.” Read More...

    Sunita Madan
  • The Bosnian Retreat

    The Bosnian Retreat

    “After we reached the top of the Pyramid of Moon, Devi taught us a new breathing technique and Mohanji guided us at each level and at the end of it, there was a huge outburst of emotions in all participants. What a cleansing phenomenon! I could feel the breeze stand still while we breathed and a gush of one directional wind sweeping out all negative emotions and thoughts”.. Read More...

    Sudeshna Saha
  • Faith that leads to Awareness

    Faith that leads to Awareness

    “Having spent few days with Him at the the Bosnian Pyramids, a high-energy spiritual power centre, I was feeling blessed and energetic. I came back to India and soon got busy with my day-to-day life – the work and the associated stress. However, the moments of grace experienced in Mohanji’s presence in Bosnia had been protecting me like a strong shield.” Read More...

    Rajiv Duggal
  • Grace at the Bosnian Pyramids

    Grace at the Bosnian Pyramids

    "Of course, our beloved Mohanji knew what was going on with me. The next morning, I went to talk with our dear Father “one to one”. Surrounded by divine peace, he listened to me and said that those pictures which haunted me were from my previous lives, and they were here so that I could understand it and not because I should suffer. From that moment, it seemed as if the light came into my life. I was able to see. I saw the things that I had never seen before." Read More...

    Predrag Dobrović

About Bosnian Pyramids Pilgrimage Don't miss out on this once a lifetime opportunity

The site “Bosnian Pyramids” is known as one of the most powerful spiritual centres in the world, with an ancient history which dates back several millennia. Thousands of people visit these pyramids every day and experience spontaneous healing and rising of consciousness.

During this unique pilgrimage, Mohanji will conduct meditations and different methods of cleansing of our inner space in the carefully chosen places at the pyramids. Mohanji likes to give Shaktipat in the underground tunnel Ravne, which has been proven to have the holy vibration of the mother’s womb and Sathya Yuga (the golden age), the period of the highest evolution of the human consciousness. Spending time in the so-called healing chamber, meditation at the very top of the Pyramid of the Sun, with the mighty energy spiral constantly rising up, as well as the meditation at the special energy location at the Tumulus, in Vratnice village (an artificially made cone-shaped hill with the strong spots of energy at the its top, which in itself leads one into a meditative state), are also part of this programme.

Depending on how open and receptive we are as seekers, the emotional and spiritual cleansing during this pilgrimage will change our approach to life. Mohanji’s instructions and new insights will help us understand how to apply spirituality in our everyday, material life.

The first level of rising the consciousness happens during the satsangs with Mohanji. Even though the sole presence of a Master has a very intensive, cleansing effect, satsang is a medium which intensifies this transfer and connection even more. At Satsangs, you get the knowledge and instructions in a direct and simple way, perfectly adjusted to each individual. Pilgrimages and visits to places with powerful energies play a great role in cleansing the
emotional baggage which we carry on our back from one life to the other.

When we enter the energy of such places with a Master, they influence the subtle transformations in us. In other words, through this pilgrimage Mohanji works on diluting and burning our accumulated karmic baggage and increases our frequency. The changes that ensue are very powerful and intensive. The wisdom and clarity that come along thanks to the presence of Mohanji’s consciousness will help us maintain a peaceful, stable and happy inner space long after the pilgrimage, regardless of our environment and the circumstances.

Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji

It is the Fifth year in a sequence that Mohanji is coming back to Bosnian Pyramids. The unique pilgrimage this year will give us an opportunity to be in Mohanji’s consciousness and, in the proximity of the master, feel and experience this archeological, historical and energy phenomenon.

Meditations with Mohanji at Bosnian Pyramids Take part in this incredible & transformative pilgrimage

Underground Tunnel “Ravne”

Visit the prehistoric underground labyrinth which consists of a network of tunnels and rooms.

Besides the artifacts which have been discovered there, the real significance of the tunnel lies in the recorded values such as oxygen concentration, high concentration of negative ions, Schuman resonance, bioenergy, etc. which enable your body to revitalize there, both physically and mentally. That is why we have provided an open, peaceful space where one can be in order to improve health. In addition to that, we organise spending time in the spots which are particularly energetically potent, near Megalith K2, the room with the highest concentration of negative ions.

Mohanji’s Shaktipat in this amazing tunnel is an experience not to be missed!

Bosnian Pyramid of The Sun

The oldest and the biggest pyramid in the world. The visit includes sightseeing of the archeological excavations on the North part of the Pyramid, where you can see the surface blocks made of concrete which had been discovered under the big layer of the soil and vegetation. There is a possibility to visit the “energy rock” which has healing properties.

The top of the biggest pyramid in the world is captivating not only because of the view of the Bosnian Pyramids Valley, but it is also attractive for touring because of the scientifically proven energy phenomena: electromagnetic and ultrasound energy beams with the constant frequency of 28kHz, which is the best energy field for the physical, mental and spiritual abilities of man.

Prehistoric Tumulus in Vratnica Village

Sightseeing of the artificially made cone-shaped hill whose top contains strong energy spots where the ultrasound beam has been recorded, which makes it an ideal place for meditations.

Bosnian Pyramid of The Moon

With the height of 190, it is the second highest pyramid in the world (The Big Pyramid in Egypt is 147 meters high). Touring includes the visit to the excavated terrace plates, as well as meditation and cleansing techniques under Mohanji’s guidance at the very top of the Pyramid where the energies are the most intensive.

Bosnian Pyramids Image Gallery A visual treat from the soulful retreats