Brahmarishi Mohanji receives two Prestigious Awards in South Africa

Two prestigious awards were presented to Mohanji on 10-11-2018 at the Diwali with Mohanji event in Phoenix, South Africa.

The first was the Sivananda World Peace Award – to Mohanji in recognition for his ceaseless work and continued commitment to the upliftment and care for all species sharing life on Earth, and for his boundless energy, drive and contributions to foster unity and peaceful societies in all countries and across all cultures and creeds.

It was a magnificently huge moment when the Executive Vice President of GOPIO (Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin) and President of the Sivananda World Peace Foundation – Prince Ishwar Ramlutchman Mabheka Zulu made the Peace Award presentation to Mohanji; in his speech Prince Mabheka Zulu said they know that Masters of the calibre of Mohanji do not look to receiving rewards and awards, but they wished to express their sincere appreciation and gratitude to Mohanji for his selfless service to the world.

Prince Mabheka Zulu – the inaugurated son of the reigning monarch of the Zulu Nation, His Magesty King Goodwill Zwelithini – descendent of Zulu King Shaka – also presented Mohanji with one of their tradition’s ancient and highest honours – the Zulu Warrior Stick – a symbolism of Strength and Power.

The Warrior Sticks are as per ancient Zulu custom presented to the Knights of the Zulu Kingdom – entrusted to maintaining peace in the land.

With this presentation by his inaugurated son to Mohanji, His Majesty King Zwelithini welcomed Mohanji to the Zulu sacred circle of Peacekeepers.

This is indeed a great honour conferred upon Mohanji. We were privileged to bear witness to the presentation of these magnificent gifts to Mohanji by Prince Mabheka.

The awards were facilitated by our beloved sister of Act Foundation, Mrs Sulosh Pillay.

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