Breathing Consciously
Breathing Consciously

Breathing Consciously

Face yourself with Conscious Gapless Breathing

by Aditya NagpalIndia

Most of the time, we are completely unaware of what we have stored inside. It could be emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, or some desires which were never fulfilled. They are mostly stored in a suppressed mode. We may be aware of them subconsciously, but we never accept them fully. They remain there, waiting for the right time to sprout. But being on the path of fire shown by my Master Mohanji, it is a given that everything should come out and burn. And his grace makes sure that the process of burning is fast-forwarded. 

I have been following Mohanji since 2013 and have heard him many times saying the most important thing is to accept yourself as you are with all your strengths and weaknesses. This is easy to understand but is it that easy to implement? You must be aware of everything you have stored to accept it. I had experienced a huge transformation since I started following Mohanji, but I was always in a denial mode about certain things about myself, which came right in front of me when I did Conscious Gapless Breathing for 21 days. 

During covid times, I have been working from home for more than a year now, and I have had time to increase my spiritual practice. So, it just occurred to me that I should try CGB for 21 days. I had heard that it is difficult to do the process for 21 days continuously. But I always knew that Mohanji would take me through it as he always does with everything. So, with his grace, I started my daily practice of CGB.

In the first couple of days itself, I started feeling some emotions coming out from within. As they came out, I realized that this was something that should have come out long back, and I had been suppressing them. But with CGB, I was simply unable to suppress them; I had no choice but to face them. 

As I progressed day by day, more things started surfacing. It was not only from inside but from outside also. The behaviour of some of the closest friends and family members towards me also became erratic. But when I analyzed this a bit more, I again realized that all this was suppressed within me. The behaviour of the other person with me is exactly how I am thinking about them. 

There was nothing wrong happening; no one was wrong; the external world reflected what I had stored inside. With CGB, all the stored things were surfacing from within; and the external world became just a reflection of that. Then came a time when too many things were coming out, and I did not know what to do. I needed some guidance. So, I just sat in front of Mohanji’s photo and asked him, ‘Why am I so negative?’. ‘What do I do with all this?’ After some time, a strong thought occurred to me- ‘Acceptance and Surrender’. 

It was as if Mohanji was literally telling me to accept whatever it is. Accept yourself and everything around you and just surrender to me. Acceptance is the only way to overcome the negative emotions, fear and phobias that are stored within. But if they are suppressed, acceptance is not possible because you would deny them even if you knew that they exist. CGB brought them out, and it became easier to accept them. And when acceptance of yourself and things around you become better, surrender automatically becomes easier. Without acceptance, you cannot surrender. With his grace, I got the courage to look into the eyes of my own fears and phobias and surrender them. 

I started practising acceptance of myself and everything around me. This does not mean that I became meek or completely oblivious of the things happening around me. But it gave me a better awareness of myself and everything around me, and I could take the right action as required. There was a big release happening, and I was able to accept everything fully with his grace.

As more and more things were releasing, I was becoming lighter and lighter. My other practices of Kriya and Chanting improved drastically, and Acceptance and Surrender became my continuous practice. After I completed my 21-day CGB Sadhana, the release continued for a few more days and became more light. It has been more than two months, and the impact of the process is still there. A massive release of things and transformation has happened. I am much stronger than before. My level of acceptance and surrender has grown by leaps and bounds. 

Acceptance and surrender are actually huge strengths. You accept, surrender and the rest everything is taken care of by our Master.

Words are not sufficient to express the magnitude of the transformation that CGB has brought. It is a real gift from Mohanji. He makes sure that the right thing comes to us at the right time based on what and how much we can handle. All we need is full faith and patience. His grace will make the process faster and take care of everything.

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