Celebrations of Idol Consecration at Shirdi Sai Temple, Kerala

Mohanji with Swamiji and other participants from the Idol Concecration celebration

Mohanji attended the third day of the fifth Pranapratishta (idol installation) celebration function for the Sai Baba temple in Palakkad scheduled from (18th-20th Jan 2019). Today was the main day – the day of installation of the Sai Baba idol in the temple by His Holiness Shri Shri Vittalananda Saraswati (aka Vittal Babaji). Mohanji performed the mangala (morning) aarati along with the trustees, organizers and dignitaries. He then spent time with the followers and Sai devotees. A group of people who were forming a Vedic university came to seek His blessings and feedback. Mohanji outlined His vision for the World Consciousness Alliance (for raising the frequency of Mother Earth) and the United for Tradition group (for spreading awareness about Sanata Dharma – the Eternal Religion).


This was followed by a delightful satsang in Malayalam by Mohanji and an address by the pontiff of Vallabhapuram, His Holiness Shri Shri Ramprasannanda. Swamiji spoke about his experiences with Mohanji especially His humility, inherent goodness and selflessness. Today, the homa (fire ceremony) was conducted at the temple propitiating all deities for the benefit of the community. Mohanji and the trustees performed the poornahuti (the final offering to conclude the 3 day ceremony). This was followed by the afternoon aarati. There were a steady stream of visitors – some of whom came from out of town to meet Him. The day ended with an amazing Madhyanha (afternoon) Sai Baba aarati followed by lunch prasad (consecrated offering) that was served in the temple.

When it was time to leave, the Swamis came to bid Mohanji goodbye. Swami Poorna Nityananda, the head of the Math for Dubacherla ashram, related a nice anecdote that Vittal Babaji told him about his first meeting with Mohanji. Vittal Babaji said that when he first met Mohanji, he was so overcome with love for Mohanji that he just sat with Mohanji for 30min when Mohanji walked into his room. Only then did Babaji get up to receive and hug Mohanji. On his weekly visits to the Dubacherla ashram, Babaji would frequently talk to Swamiji about Mohanji with great love. Swamiji said that he had the good fortune to meet Mohanji only 3 years after Babaji’s samadhi (at Bhima Pushkar function at Dubacherla last year).

An amazing end to a wonderful 3 days dedicated to Sai Baba. Grateful to Mohanji for the grace to attend this wonderful function.

The glimpse of the event has been collected in the form of photos. Please visit this page for a visual treat of this amazing event

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