Conscious Walking

When we move our body freely with the attention on specific chakras, understanding and feeling their qualities, dance becomes an amazingly effective meditation and a powerful technique for the balancing of chakras. As a result, the vertical dimension of our being is awakened and experienced in explosion of pure bliss.

During one hour of Conscious Dancing you will be able to feel and understand the quality of each chakra as you lovingly direct your attention to these profound energy vortexes, moving your body accordingly through a free, unstructured dance. Eyes are closed or semi-closed and attention is within. The feeling and the intention with which we move the body is crucial here as we move the body, surrendering to the music, allowing our shakti to guide us from within. Through this process, profound inner alignment takes place as we strengthen and balance each chakra, one by one. When we reach the crown chakra, a powerful and yet so divinely delicate energy is felt throughout the central axis. Nothing else exists but that blissful vertical presence, the mesmerizing silence within.

Heart chakra, the bridge between lower and upper chakras, is given special attention during Conscious Dancing as we awaken the freedom within the heart and the ability to truly open up to Love in its purest, unconditional form. Songs are carefully selected to touch the innermost strings of our spiritual heart and allow us to really feel the freedom, feel the love and unrestrained freedom and surrender in that love. Ability to keep our heart open even if we have been hurt in the past is a sign of spiritual maturity and courage. Life without the open heart has no real beauty. And life with the vertical dimension of our being awakened anchors us in the Love of Divine and the inner thirst to merge into the same.
This blissful method of meditation and alignment through dance was a gift we have received from Mohanji’s consciousness in November 2017 during Bor Lake Retreat, through Devi Mohan as the instrument of this blessing. Since then, many people throughout the world started recognizing the depth and beauty of this practice. Some say they have never experienced such freedom, joy and bliss through dance in their life, that too without any alcohol or any other external stimulus needed. The blissful sensation that lasts for hours after Conscious Dancing is a sign of a true inner shift that takes place deep within.