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Rising of Mind

Where the mind rises from is the source. We are the source. It never rises or sets. What rises will set. From where it rises

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When we do not have a thing that we crave, its value is the highest. When we get it, its value drops down. When we

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Relative Loss

Often a loss is relative. When we get something higher than what we have, we will not mind losing what we have. When we do

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Losses are connected to memories. If we do not know what we lost, we feel nothing about it. If we know, we will feel heavy

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Use the word respect more. Cultivate respect sincerely. Talk with respect. Act with respect. Live respectfully. Kindness, compassion, and selflessness add to respect. Love and

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Only time, body, and mind attached to time have a journey. Consciousness has no journey. Time starts and ends in consciousness. Time stands still there.

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