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Be Original

Being original is the most authentic, natural and non-pretentious state. That is our real state before we become imitations of society and limitations of circumstances.

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Original People

Most original people are not accepted or appreciated when they are alive. But original are we, and originality is our birthright. Being original is the

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Everything has its own destiny. Things happen in a specific order. Willpower can change how we experience it and can rearrange things differently from the

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School of Self

You are your own textbook. Your daily life is the lesson. Mind poses questions and examinations. Victory over mind is graduation.

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Feeling Beings

We should not just feed cows. Feel cows. We should not just feed any beings. Feel all beings. Only when we feel them, we understand

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When silence becomes your state, no noise affects you. There are no expectations nor complaints. There is only total acceptance, like a grand old tree

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