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Human Degeneracy

Business void of ethics, activities void of principles, work void of conscience, and love without values are clear signs of human degeneracy.

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Kindness costs nothing, but it gives back much peace and inner harmony. Be kind.

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Multitasking is another word for absent-minded, quick, skilled actions, almost done unconsciously.Being alert and aware and the mind being on one thing fully at a

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Traps of Life

Glorifying one’s own or partner’s habits, character traits, or patterns is just like a prisoner glorifying his prison cell. All these are traps of life.

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Animal Experimentation

Animal experimentation is animal exploitation. Experimenting on animals is not just insensitivity, but utter cruelty too. All beings of Earth are its legitimate inheritors. Nobody

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Changing World

Never be sad when you lose something that you gained from here. Remember, whatever comes will also go. This is a changing world and a

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