Enjoy the pearls of wisdom offering inspiration and taking you to your SELF


Inner Master

Our primary responsibility is to find the master within us. Once you find your inner master, you have found everything. There is no searching anymore.

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Find Oneself

Digging at many places outside to find oneself is ignorance. Digging at the same place within to find oneself is wisdom. Wise men are focused,

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Carefully remove emotions from every situation. What remains is truth. Respond to it wisely, and there will remain no regrets or guilt in life.

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Real Success

Real success is our ability to win over anger, hatred, and jealousies of life. Real success is a life lived without regrets or guilt.

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Nature of Activities

Sin is the binding factor. Grace is the liberating factor. Activities of gravitational nature such as possessions, positions, and possessive relations are of gravitational nature

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