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The right education is as follows. One-fourth from a teacher. One-fourth from society and people around us. One-fourth from experiences of life, and one-fourth from

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Whatever moves does not attach itself to a still mind. Meditation is witnesshood of the original stillness of mind without attaching to moving emotions and

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Clutter in Mind

The mind often gets cluttered with thoughts and emotions. State of meditation helps clear clutter. Stay still. Do nothing. Watch it without participating. Witness without

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All people are opinionated. But not all opinions are rooted in absolute truth. Most are based on relative truth, on how they perceive a matter

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Occasional Isolation

Occasional isolation in nature has its therapeutic advantages. Our absent-mindedness will reduce. We start feeling nature, the trees, birds, sunshine, rain, various moods, and all

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Self Knowledge

The problem with borrowed knowledge is that it expires unless replenished. The advantage of self-knowledge is that it is ever-flowing and naturally refreshing. It has

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