Enjoy the pearls of wisdom offering inspiration and taking you to your SELF


Believe in Yourself

If you truly believe in yourself, if you truly believe you are a kind person, you do not need to deliberately prove it to the

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Purpose of Birth

You can worship any form of God you like or the formless as long as you realize your inherent truth eventually. This is the real

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The whole idea of spirituality is to know yourself. To know is to BE. Be what you essentially are all the time. You are not

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Existence is a beautiful medley that harnesses the harmony of many lives on earth. Human hearts should feel it and nurture it to realize abundance

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Authentic Humans

The species’ supremacy should be measured by the depth of love each heart carries and pumps out each day. Human beings have a lot to

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It is your elegance and self-confidence that reflects in others’ eyes as admiration and acceptance towards you.

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