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Adharma expresses itself through anger, hatred, pride, ego, jealousy, prejudices, and corresponding actions. These are the inner devils that we must fight and destroy always.

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Dharma sustains the universe. Preservation of dharma is our duty. Dharma maintains harmony and peace. Live and let live without harming, hurting, and destroying anything

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Veganism is EMPATHY in action.  Anti-speciesism is COMPASSION in action.  Non-violence is RESPONSIBILITY in action.

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Conditional Relationship

A conditional relationship is essentially a dead relationship. It barely breathes. It can be buried anytime. Unconditional relationships are live relationships. They breathe fresh air

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Mankind to KIND-MAN

The whole effort of the entire world should go to transform mankind to KIND-MAN. This is perhaps the only solution for a better world for

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Procrastination causes problems in life. The root causes for many problems in life are no action when needed or action when not needed, as well

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