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Stabilize your mind on God. God will stabilize your mind. God is the permanent, imperishable energy aspect, the same material that we witness as the

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True Seeker

The one who goes to many is like a beggar. The one who goes to one guide consistently is a true seeker.

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Selfless Leader

Be a true, selfless leader and lead by example. Remember, there is no replacement for you. Lead with confidence, optimism, and selflessness. Set trends in

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Trust in yourself and help people to trust in themselves; everything changes with time. Good and bad times change with time. Entertain patience.

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Inner Space

Clean up your inner space and plant positive seeds there. Plant trust and patience there. Plant love, kindness and compassion there. Plant non-violence there.

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Help the helpless. Work together with the elected government for rejuvenation and recovery.

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