Enjoy the pearls of wisdom offering inspiration and taking you to your SELF


Genuine Humility

Never forget where you have come from and what you have been before you reached here. This remembrance will help you to remain humble and

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Flexible Minds

When we learn to be flexible and flow with time, we learn to live and love. We learn to accept ourselves. Rigid minds are more

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Changing People

“This is how I am, and I cannot change” is one of the biggest superstitions most people possess. In fact, every moment, every day, we

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Stay away from those who do not care about you. This is essential unburdening for living liberation.

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The strongest are not those who are victorious but those who do not give up on life.

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Truth in all Beings

If we learn to see the truth in all beings around us, we will start recognizing the truth within us too. This is what the

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