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Total Liberation

In the Dattatreya Tradition, the permanent focus is on total liberation from all types of bindings that control life. Religion is humanity and its highest

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Dattatreya Tradition

I follow the Dattatreya Tradition, the path of total dissolution – independence from the darkness of ignorance and the birth and death patterns. Our culture

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Inside Nature

People consume many things but give back to the Earth what they are. You cannot give back something else. You can only give back what

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Save Lives

Save lives. Never take lives. Earth is the rightful home for all creations. Live and let live is the least you can do in human

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What is within us is much more powerful than what is around us. The source of the three most important powers is within us: will

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Aim of Humankind

The true aim of humankind is to find God within, which is the permanent solution for all sorrows, expectations and disappointments of life.

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