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Choosing aloneness is our strength, a sign of independence. Imposed loneliness is punishment. Practising aloneness leads to self-reliance and eventual self-sufficiency. This is indeed freedom.

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Pray vs. Meditate

It is not important to pray, while it is important to meditate. Great masters never taught their students to ask something from God. Instead, they

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Truths and Lies

Some truths are bitter but true. Some lies are juicy and tasty. People often prefer the juicy and tasty from the bitter truths. This is

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Society often turns its face away from the truth and accepts half-truths or lies delivered deliciously by propagandists. This is one of the many causes

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Mohanji’s Quote on Relationships

Some relationships have a high maintenance cost. They are not true relationships. True relationships are effortless, spontaneous and require no maintenance. Judging, lying, or untrustworthy

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