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New Year Message 2022

I wish you a very happy and purposeful New Year. Wish you happiness, peace and “eyes” to see “The Truth”. Truth is beautiful. Truth is

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Dos and Don’ts

Do not assume. ASCERTAIN. Do not judge. UNDERSTAND their position and reasons clearly. Do not hurt or victimise. Feel their hearts and pains. Do not

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Mature Minds

The mature discuss and clear matters. The immature argue and fight. Silence is far more meaningful than meaningless words with immature minds.

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Peace should always be our first and foremost option as well as the ultimate option. There is no alternative to peace of mind. Peace in

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We protect what we respect. That is why animals are associated with deities in Bharat (India).

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Power of Love

The power of love should always remain infinitely more important than the love of power. This is important for a harmonious society.

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