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Negative Thoughts

When you are bogged down by negative thoughts, words and actions of people, counter it with positive thoughts, words and actions. Countering it with negative

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Mind’s craving

No environment and no relationship can ever keep any mind perpetually contented. The mind craves variety. The mind always craves for more.

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Wandering Mind

When the mind wanders over forms and feelings, it survives, and so does personality. The mind that sees forms and attaches emotions to it delays

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Our path is that of total dissolution. Dissolution completes itself when the unit becomes the universe, or in other words, the drop falls into the

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Free Meal

There is nothing called a free meal in modern society. Anything free is the fruit of somebody’s hard work. Respect it and never lose the

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Serve Love

Serve love, not food. Food is just an expression. Love is the real nutrition. That food heals wounds. That food fills up hope in hearts.

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