Dattatreya Jayanthi Celebrations at Dhubcherla Ashram

Mohanji was invited to participate in the Datta Jayanthi celebrations from 20th-22nd Dec at Dhubcherla ashram of Vittal Babaji, who is dearest to Mohanji. Mohanji arrived from Indonesia early morning at 1 AM. Upon reaching home, he took a bath, rested for an hour, and returned to the airport at 3.30 AM for a flight to Vijayawada – the airport closest to Dubacherla. This is Mohanji’s life. After continuous travel from India to South Africa, Mauritius, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and back to India, Mohanji tirelessly continues to shine His light upon all those who wait to see Him. Duty is worship. Work is worship. When purpose is predominant, there is no time for physical fatigue or tiredness. The secret is clarity of purpose, which leads to appropriate action, timeliness and effectiveness. Clarity of purpose takes you to the right place at the right time. It fulfills the deepest desire in the mind of one and every.
The pontiff of the Kuruvapuram Datta Peetham, revered Swami Ramprasannanda Saraswati, expressed great love and respect by coming to the airport to receive Mohanji. When we entered the ashram, the ashram trustees, organizers and devotees welcomed Mohanji with utmost love and respect. They showered Mohanji with flower petals and lovingly took him for a tour of the ashram to each and every deity explaining the background and relevance to Vittal Babaji. We felt as if Vittal Babaji’s son was being welcomed and shown around the ashram. The celebrations started with an panchamirit (five elixirs – curd, milk, honey, sugar, water} abhishekam of Lord Datta. They then moved on to an elaborate shodashopchar (16 step) puja of Lord Datta. As a guest of honor, Mohanji was asked to perform an elaborate aarati with lamps with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 16, 32 and 108 wicks. They requested Mohanji to talk about the life of Vittal Babaji, and his experiences with Vittal Babaji. Finally, they took Mohanji to a Balaji temple which is ordained by Lord Balaji to have the merit of visiting the Tirupati Balaji temple. They allowed Mohanji and the group to visit the sanctum sanctorum, a very rare and great honor, and performed archana specially for Mohanji and honored him with a garland that was worn by the Lord. An amazing, fruitful, eventful and blissful day in Mohanji’s presence and consciousness. In other words, just another day in Mohanji’s life.
As part of the celebrations, the Datta Peetham had organised an elaborate abhishekam) ritual bathing) of Lord Datta with 64 different ingredients (liquids, spices, powders, fruits, flowers). The trustee introduced Mohanji to the devotees by saying that they were privileged to have Mohanji, who was Datta swarupa (Lord Datta incarnate), take time out of his busy schedule to attend the celebrations. He then invited Mohanji to do the abhishekam. It was an amazing sight to behold as Lord Datta was bathed with water, curd, honey, dry fruits, fruits, fruit juices, water from holy rivers as well as infused with holy leaves like tulsi, various powders, etc. It took close to 4 hours. The pontiff of Sri Vallabhapuram Data Peetham, revered Swami Ramprasannananda, who graced the abhishekam told Mohanji that Lord Datta looks more radiant and blissful after Mohanji had performed the abhishekam. Once they had washed and cleaned the idol, they did the ashtottaram (108 names of Lord Datta) followed by unjal (cradle) seva – where the Lord is placed in a cradle and loving rocked like a baby. Mohanji was then asked to bless all the devotees who had taken Datta deeksha – a 41 day practice (similar to Ayyappa devotees) where the devotees take up vows of penance and abstinence spending time in prayer and worship of Lord Datta. The initiation into Datta deeksha and subsequent blessing was done in the past by Vittal Babaji. So it was a big honor for Mohanji.
Finally after a sumptuous lunch, it was time to say goodbye and for Mohanji to continue his further travels. Mohanji patiently took time to bless all the trustees, organizers, volunteers and devotees. He told the trustees and organizers that he was very happy to have been part of this glorious function. He felt like he had come home. He was given a traditional honor by the trustees with a shawl and fruits. They implored him to grace the Peetham during Datta Jayanthi or at least come there once a year. May the grace of Lord Datta and Mohanji be upon us all.
Information provided by Mohanji Foundation Team.

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