Empowered by Mohanji – 11

Empowered by Mohanji – 11

Some of the participants share their little nuggets of inspirational and transformative experiences as we inch closer to the big day – December 4th, 2021 for Empowered 2.0

Verina Mohanlal, SA

I was introduced to the Mohanji family and path in 2020 whilst my sister was in the hospital recovering from post-C-section complications. She sadly passed away in Oct 2020, and honestly, I was and am extremely heartbroken. At times my faith was tested, but over the months, I kept reading Mohanji’s messages and watching videos, and as days have gone by, I have recognised myself accepting more. I joined this programme to connect better with myself but most importantly to find myself, and this week alone, decisions became clearer, procrastination became less. It is little things that have made a huge change in my life. I continuously am grateful and pray for a more enlightened path.

I look forward to meeting Mohanji in person one day and also continuing this journey!

Sadhana Subramanian, USA

Dear Mohanji, I am new to this path, and one of my friends introduced me to you and your various platforms. So far, I am happy with all the learnings that I am imbibing from you. Not sure I understand everything, but you actually answered so many of my questions without me even asking. I am able to connect a lot of dots based on your teachings. Thank you.

Cathy Johnston, UK


Clear, crisp and concise, bite-sized nuggets of divine wisdom. How lucky am I?

Trying to digest every word at each precious moment spent in Mohanji’s warm & benevolent presence misses the point. To just ‘BE’ in his presence, to wallow in his glory, to grow with his family, mere words can’t convey the enormity of the privilege I feel.

The only school desk I long to return to – will treasure my notes close to my heart. Jai Mohanji! My Beloved Mohanji!

Prajakta Sonawane, India

I am falling short of words as I may not fully justify what I have gained. In short, I have gained myself, which was lost in the last 36 years. Mohanji’s presence made me realise so many things, and one of them is his talks. I feel it is not me who is operating; it is Mohanji operating this physical form, and I am so happy to serve as his medium. Lots of love to Father (Mohanji) and all the M family.

Ankush Khandelwal, India

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