Empowered by Mohanji – 2
Empowered by Mohanji – 2

Empowered by Mohanji – 2

by Snezana Jovanovic

Translation: Maja Otovic

Empowered – A journey from fear to freedom

We are at the end of eleven incredible days of daily empowerment, negating our dark sides, understandings, insights, confrontations, contemplations, questionings, answers, surfacing of our old programs, deep fears, and self-observation. We got an insight of ourselves from a different viewpoint, clearly detaching from what we are not and melting into our true being. Rewinding of all the recordings that we carry inside of us sends us strong messages of who we really are. The reason is for us to remember ourselves – descending into our hearts and opening ourselves towards unconditional love. 

In my opinion, Mohanji, (for those who do not know him) is one of the greatest living Masters walking this planet. I have been following him since the year 2012, and luckily I didn’t give up. Simply put, he is a father, a brother, a son, a mirror which shows me my own reflection.   

Mohanji gathered us through his unconditional love and grace so that he, as pure love and light, would show us our path in a clear, honest, direct, and elegant manner. There are no words to express the gratitude and love I have for him for everything he has given us through this program and for everything he is giving us. Thank you, Mohanji.

How come I attended this program after all the programs and retreats I have been through with Mohanji? I’ll have to admit that this was something that I cannot miss, something very important. I intended to finally set the ground for my further journey through this program. I was ready to face all of my deepest fears boldly, suppressed since who knows when and due to what situations. They were waiting in my system so that in the perfect moment set by the universe, they would surface; they would be lit, realized, looked at and let go of, as I no longer needed them.

That’s exactly what happened. Since day one, Mohanji’s every sentence resonated deeply in my being. It’s not something I didn’t know or haven’t heard before, but I needed to hear again. The process started even before the program commenced, on a subtle level: letting go of everything that we were ready to release, and at the same time, empowerment of our true being to live its truth, to live itself fully. 

Through love and light that was descending into us all these days, I gained clear insights into my journey, existence, old patterns, and fears that I gladly want to get rid of now. 

As the program continued day by day, the journey within was getting deeper and brighter. When you are with a true Master such as Mohanji, all you need to do is be receptive and brave, open and truthful. We need to allow everything within us and no longer serving us to the surface, to emerge and show itself clearly, so Mohanji could do his job and dissolve it with his light. That is exactly how Mohanji is helping this world and each individual who trusts him. 

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