Empowered by Mohanji – 6
EMpowered by Mohanji – 6

Empowered by Mohanji – 6

By Linda Abrol, Netherlands

Part 2

Yesterday, I allowed myself two cookies as a dessert after dinner and fed some to the ducks. The cookies contained chocolate, gluten and sugar, the three items that my body resist very much. For many years I had had the habit of taking something sweet once a day, after diner, even though I knew it was difficult for my body to process. I did this because total suppression of my craving for sweet food had an adverse effect. This was an effective compromise that made me enjoy the ‘sinful moment’ a lot. It was so much better than randomly taking these food items during the day. A very good step 1! After a long time, I was ready for step 2. I replaced the sweets or cookies by something more healthy and acceptable for my body. My stomach ache got less and allergic reactions as well. I slept better.

Craving also got less but is easily evoked. When Mohanji spoke yesterday to a lady about offering food to the animals when food-intake has become a habit and takes over, I regarded it as permission to start again with my after-dinner sweets-habit and gave some cookie crumbles to the ducks. They do have problems digesting grains, I have been told recently, but I gave it anyway. It was so little.

The next morning Mohanji said inside: ‘You didn’t do me a favour.’ He said it in a humoristic way, half smiling.

Before he said this, I felt his energy right inside of me, which felt amazing, and I had told him that he was so welcome to take over the wheel. After hearing his words, I realised what had happened: my action of yesterday was quite illogical. I had already successfully stopped with a habit and had replaced it with something much more effective. Now I interpreted Mohanji’s teaching of yesterday in my favour and went back to my old pattern. But since he was inside of me, he ‘suffered’ the consequences.

This reminds me of an incident of many years ago. My food habits were much of a problem at that time. I over-ate frequently, but after I had met Sri Sathya Sai Baba, one morning I heard his voice inside of me saying: ‘What did you eat? I ate aspirin yesterday.’ In two simple sentences, He made our unity clear and made sure that I understood that the God part in me was suffering from over-eating because it is much more difficult to raise my frequency to concentration and meditation levels. So the benefit of eating consciously has great advantages on the spiritual path. I love that both Sai Baba and Mohanji don’t judge me like I used to do myself. They just kindly made me aware of the consequences. That is very helpful. Love you, Mohanji!

Part 3

While I was sitting in my little temple this morning, the thought came: will I be as forgetful as my parents? They both had Alzheimer’s disease. I realised that my thoughts were not helping me and let them pass. Suddenly I heard Mohanji say inwardly: ‘I will give you so much of love that you will forget everything!’

What a beautiful message! Picking me up from where I was, he turned me into a whole new direction! My heart jumped, and my spirit got elevated to bliss level.

Today while doing the practice, I went into the cave of my heart. I found Mohanji there, embracing me and never letting me go. I could do nothing but cry. Totally in bliss, I forgot everything. The pain that I have, because my dear mother is dying at this very moment in time, vanished and turned into bliss, bliss, bliss. I love being forgetful! How is this possible? How can one feel blissful while her mother, whom she is so close to, is dying? I know I will cry a lot in the coming days, but I am sure this will carry me through the process. Thank you, Mohanji!

By Mimnasa Arora, India

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