Empowered by Mohanji – 9

Empowered by Mohanji – 9

Happy Diwali to all of you from the Testimonials Team!

As the countdown begins for Empowered 2.0, here are some transforming experiences from participants of the first Empowered workshop that was conducted in September!

Nikita Naredi, India

The lid of Pandora’s box got opened!

I never realised I was Pandora’s box of so many emotions, patterns, and inadequacies. I knew a few of them; a few kept surfacing now and then, and the resolve to sort them out was always there since my encounter with and blessings of Mohanji. It would surface with so much impact I could never imagine till 2nd September when the Empowered workshop began.

Since the time I joined this program, I felt I had been put in a washing machine in the spinning mode and believe me, the spinning is very, very palpable. The scum is coming out, and the awareness is profound.

Every participant would be having their own share of a rollercoaster ride, but mine is presently only of negativities. I started understanding my negativities and realised they are patterns repeating over and over again, and Mihanjis golden words brought about a great acceptance.

I had no out of the world experiences which many participants have quoted: no feeling of warmth, no visualisation but only realisations and acceptance.

Through this program, I got the courage to speak out my infirmities to myself, my spouse, and my child, which I would earlier feel very inhibited and ashamed to talk and discuss. 

I indeed feel empowered and going through the recorded videos again and again for better clarity and really looking forward to Empowered 2. 

Amala Sankar, Kerala

I had this true feeling of Guru’s energy entering into my heart centre. Now the heart beats with the Guru. Each moment I look inside me, I can see the light of my Guru handed over to me, making it brighter. This has been essential for me this time; it is Sai Baba’s blessings to me. Faith in Baba connected me with Mohanji. I’m very happy now and feel more focused. Koti Koti pranamams, thank u Mohanji and team. Lots of Love. 

Each and every moment of my life has become more worthy, and I am trying to make myself worthy. Many thanks for your blessings. This program helped me to find what I was searching for the past few years. I was trying to discover myself, and now it finally happened. The process of purification started 11 days ago with God’s grace, the true feeling of Baba hearing my every thought and blessing me when the time arrived. 

Love you, Mohanji!

Carla Hartog & Bas van Velzen, The Netherlands

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