Empowered by Mohanji
Empowered by Mohanji

Empowered by Mohanji

By Subhasree Thottungal, UK

11 Days with Mohanji! Yes, we have just finished one of the most amazing workshops with Mohanji – “Empowered, The journey from fear to freedom.”

Nearly 900 people attended this program with Mohanji. Many have been connected to Mohanji for some time and others for the first time. But by the end of 11 days, everyone was mesmerised by the power of this program.

Today, I am going to share my own experience, my journey of this program, from a different angle than the participants. But before I do so, I convey my deepest gratitude to Mohanji for giving me the opportunity to experience all that I am going to share now and allowing me to witness that I did.

So here I begin.

On 20th August night, Chris (Christopher Greenwood, Mohanji’s Executive Assistant) gave me a call and said, Mohanji would like to do a 21-day event himself and that he would like the event to start from 23rd! Wow, that was some news! We all know, Mohanji would not say anything just like that. We were going to announce another global Acharya program for the end of the month, so this sudden decision from Mohanji was surely for a higher purpose. But I didn’t have much more clarity on how and what.

The next morning we had a call with Mohanji, and then he gave clear instructions, 11 days, one and half hours every day of deep processes, and he will himself conduct it, every day! Wow! I was zapped. I had to pinch myself and even asked Mohanji, “You will do the process, Mohanji? Every day?” “Yes,” came the answer. Unbelievable! 11 days, every day! Mohanji had also given this instruction to Madhu (Madhusudan, CEO of Mohanji Foundation). After the clear instructions, we then went away to do our homework of what preparation, planning execution etc. The program couldn’t start in two days, but he agreed for it to start in about ten days, so the 2nd September date was finalised.

Ten days is nothing! We knew hundreds of people would come, not just from Mohanji global family, even from outside too. Who will not like to take advantage of such a golden opportunity? But it was also our duty to make sure that we conveyed the details of the program properly and on time and to far and wide. Mohanji’s speed, his precision, his perfection! We were all on a roll!

We had to make sure to reach far and wide, and we also had to ensure the program could cater to a large audience, probably the largest so far! While Mohanji would deliver the program himself, we needed to ensure that we had the right technical support in every sense, technology, translations, communication etc., the list wasn’t a small one. And we had only ten days in hand!

Well, just a month back, the Festival of Consciousness in Belgrade was also organised in just three weeks! So the team by now knows the speed at which things will need to happen, and all we need to do is flow!

Soon the day arrived. 2nd September, the commencement of the EMPOWERED 11-Day event with Mohanji! We were prepared with the simultaneous translations (in 6 languages), webinar set to handle more than 900 participants, audio-video equipment etc. We had been rehearsing for a few days earlier. That morning, Madhu, Chris and I discussed about the opening of the program, who would start with the intro. Both of them suggested I do so. Not something that I was expecting, but well, if that’s what is needed, I would do so, I said to myself. The program opened, it was overwhelming as many people were meeting Mohanji for the first time.

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