21-day Bliss of Silence

21-day Bliss of Silence

We invite you to join us for the 21 day Bliss of silence program starting from 6th September.

This program offers guided meditation and guided contemplation for 21 day.

Bliss of Silence is a 40 minute guided meditation in the voice of Mohanji. It offers a glimpse into our true identity, the blissful stillness which is beyond the limitations of the ego. Practicing this meditation regularly helps you bring your focus back to the inner space.  Mohanji says, “Through this meditation, you will enter into a zone which is totally empty. Total emptiness. No thoughts. You are not pushed into any activity or thinking. Everything becomes silent and then it’s a state of peace and bliss.”

Why should you participate in Bliss of silence program?

It helps you go into a zone where you are absolutely peaceful. It helps you relax at deeper levels, and then slowly dive into the stillness. In addition, it helps you experience the inner silence as you go deeper into yourself, attain complete awareness and ultimately allows you to achieve a state of calmness amidst all the noise around you.

Followed by topics and questions for contemplation this program will give us an opportunity to go even deeper and experience true inner silence.

What to expect?

Apart from meditation, you will also get to enjoy powerful breathing exercise, some mini contemplation exercises to reflect on yourself and slowly make positive changes to yourself and to those around you. You will have the full support and guidance from our wonderful Mohanji Acharyas around the world to assist you all the time.

To participate in this spiritual practice – fill this google form and our volunteers will get in touch with you with further steps.

Start date – 6th September – Sunday