Anchored in Love – Retreat with Brahmarishi Mohanji, South Africa | 12th -16th Nov 2018

Anchored in Love – Retreat with Brahmarishi Mohanji, South Africa

Mohanji Foundation South Africa is honoured to invite you to the ANCHORED in LOVE Retreat with Brahmarishi Mohanji!

South Africa has yearned and called…The Master has answered and will be here in a few short weeks.

Join us as we bask in the presence of the Master in the calm ambience of Calderwood Hall Edwardian Guest House, nestled in the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg Mountains in KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, South Africa.

This serious work of self-transformation and healing with Mohanji is a free-flowing programme that takes place in a safe atmosphere where we are one family, liberally sprinkled with humour, laughter, love, caring, compassion and kindness.

This transformation takes place when we shed all our baggage, silence the mind and go within. This is achieved with modalities such as Yoga, Satsang, Chanting, Meditation, Conscious Walking, a Fire Ceremony (Homa) and Consciousness Kriya.

This 4-day retreat is a rare and golden opportunity to release mental and emotional perceptions collected during many lifetimes. Anchored in Love is the time to amplify and welcome the flow of divinity, to remove blockages and allow individuals to express and embrace their true Divine and Authentic selves.

The Master finely attunes to the uniqueness of each participant and gently helps us to reconnect with our individual Divine power and to live in awareness.

In this special and exuberant retreat Brahmarishi Mohanji introduces individuals to themselves, to shake hands with themselves and to embrace exquisiteness in the very essence of the Soul.

To take advantage of this spiritually accelerating and enlightening opportunity please book early as space is limited.

Contact : Jayshree 0795851210 or send an SMS to MFSA 0818093493